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Warhammer Quest: Cursed City – Deadwalker Zombies Rise

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Mar 03

Warhammer Quest: Cursed City is bringing some brand new Zombie miniatures to the Mortal Realms and today we’re getting a closer look. Watch out – they bite!

The dead don’t rest easy in the Cursed City. In fact, they really don’t rest! They are up and about and causing all sorts of problems for our would be heroes. Today, GW has taken the spotlight and aimed it towards these new Deadwalker Zombies and one of the villains responsible for their return. In Ulfenkarn, you just can’t keep the dead down…

via Warhammer Community


“The grim truth is that the living dead far outnumber actual living beings in the Cursed City. The Shyish Nadir is so close that the magic of Death suffuses everything. This foul energy concentrates in places already associated with death – such as the mass burial grounds scattered around Ulfenkarn’s various districts. 

These so-called corpse-gardens have attained a sickening sentience, a sort of dread hunger that seemingly employs undead bodies like puppets to seek out fresh souls. The Deadwalker Zombies roam the streets of Ulfenkarn, preying upon anything that gets too close. “

When these folks died (the first time) the living knew that there was always the possibility they could come back. However, they were expecting them to come back as possible Vampires. That’s why, if you look closer, you can see that each of these models has a stake through their hearts. That stake also happens to go through parts of their caskets, hence their interesting back-wear.


The living of the Cursed City probably weren’t expecting them to come back as Deadwalker Zombies. It seems that the funeral planners couldn’t plan for every instance of the return of the walking dead. But that’s part of the risks of living in the realm of Shyish.

We also get another look at the villain that tends to these corpse gardens within the city – Gorslav the Gravekeeper!

“This baffling creature buries victims alive in the corpse-gardens and unleashes them later at his vampiric masters’ bidding. His massive Gravekeeper’s spade is just as good at creating corpses as exhuming them, and his bone mask and accoutrements of death leave little doubt as to his general disposition.”

Apparently, there is some question about Gorslav’s beginnings. He never speaks so it’s hard to tell if he was a mortal man that became imbued with the power to bring back the dead or if he was created by other means. There is also a rumor that he might not be a single person, but a “gruesome order of necrotheurges.” That would be an interesting spin on this creature, wouldn’t it!


The dead will rise in the Cursed City!

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