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Age of Sigmar: Cursed City – Brutogg & Glaurio, a Pair of Heroes Revealed

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Apr 04

Let’s take a look at a pair of heroes and their new rules for Age of Sigmar – Direct from the Cursed City!

Warhammer Quest: Cursed City has 8 new heroes coming to tabletop for Age of Sigmar. Their rules are included inside the box! So lets take a look at a pair of them right now!

Brutogg Corpse-Eater

Stat-wise Brutogg is a beefy hero. And it makes sense – He’s an Ogor! (Just a side note, he’s an Ogor and NOT Destruction.) a 6″ move combined with 7 wounds and a 4+ save isn’t too shabby either. Weapon-wise, he’s got quite a few attacks. They are all close range but it’s a respectable amount of damage with pretty consistent 3+ hits/wounds.

Devour the Enemy is really nice (providing Brutogg is still standing and got at least one kill). Getting to regen D3 or D6 wounds every combat phase at the end can keep this Ogor in the fight. He can’t get a new Cities of Sigmar army keyword unfortunately.


Glaurio Ven Alten III


Glaurio is a human hero and has a 5″ move, 5 wounds and a 4+ save. Not amazing stats, but certainly better than average. He’s got a couple of weapons – one of which is a nice ranged shot. It’s only 9″ but has a bonus rule when you’re firing at a target within 3″ – if you score a hit, it inflicts a mortal wound and the attack sequence ends. His melee weapon is Gheistsever and it’s another “good-but-not-amazing” attack. 3 attacks, hitting and wounding on 3s with -1 Rend and D3 damage has some character killing potential if you get lucky.


Unrivalled Duellist is kind of where he shines. Not only do melee attacks that target him get a -1 to hit, any unmodified 1s to hit also cause the attacker to get slapped with a mortal wound. Duel this noble at your own risk.


Brutogg clocks in at 120 while Glaurio ven Alten III is 100. Are they worth the points? They are made for solo/specialist roles. They don’t offer much in the way of army support so you kind of need them to get into combat to earn their points back. If you’re looking at extra leader slots and have the points to spare, why not slot them in and see what they can do. You’ll want to keep them supported as they can’t single-handedly kill then enemy army – but they can help tip a battle in your favor.


What do you think of the Heroes from the Cursed City?

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