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Age of Sigmar: Five More Models We Want To Get The ‘Be’lakor’ Treatment

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Apr 16

Be’lakor just raised the bar for what Games Workshop can do for reimagining an old model. Here are a few more we really want to see get the same treatment.

We talked about how Be’lakor is a reimagining done right earlier this week and he’s just the latest model to get a massive overhaul and improvement. We already know Lord Kroak is ALSO on deck to get a new and improved model as well. We’ve all seen what GW can do with the latest tech they have for injection molded plastic and it’s gotten us really excited to see what else they have cooking up.

From this to *THAT*



and from that to *THIS*



Anyhow, here’s a few more models that we hope also get the same rework (cause man…they need it). Let’s dive in!

Icefall Yhetees

We’re starting with something simple. The Icefall Yhetees aren’t exactly jumping to the top of anyone’s “amazing models” list. They were nice back in the day (I suppose) but I think GW could really go bananas with them now. I’d like to see them get a complete rework by making them larger and more imposing. Ogor’s need some more love anyhow and while the Thundertusks/Stonehorns are a good models, the rest of the Ogors don’t leave much room for …really anything but skin and bellies. The Yhetees could get some crazy ice weapons, updated features, and monstrous limbs with insanely detailed fur.

Corpse Cart

It’s not a bad model by any means…and the Vampires ARE getting a new update. We’re waiting to see if GW has anything else planned for the Soulblight Gravelords, and looking through the current range, this was one of the models that jumped out. It could be made larger and more impressive. Maybe even with some other zombified monstrousity pulling the cart. And more zombies/bodies. Maybe even add a crew or another necromancer raising the dead. If GW can make a Slaaneshi Palanquin look amazing, just think of what they could do for an Undead one…

Warp Lightning Cannon / Plagueclaw

The Warp Lightning Cannon and (to a lesser extent) the Plagueclaw are pretty iconic war machines of the Skaven. It is technically a plastic kit already, but c’mon. You can’t tell me GW can’t spruce this thing up. This is the same faction that has Hellpit Abominations, Stormfiends, and the Screaming Bell. Games Workshop could take the Warp Lightning Cannon to the next level with some more modern designs and the latest tech they have.


Daemon Prince


I know we’re getting a new Be’lakor and he’s the First Daemon Prince and should look like it…but let’s not forget about the Generic Daemon Princes out there. Their kit is nice in because it was so universal – you could use it to build a multitude of variations and it worked for both 40k and AoS. At the same time, I KNOW folks out there have seen some of the alternative options out there. So c’mon GW, it’s time to up the Daemon Prince game again.

Steam Tank

The Steam Tank. This unit has caused some old timers some PTSD. The plastic version is much better than the old metal one (which we won’t speak of). That said, compared to the more modern models this one looks, well, …sad. It’s no where near as imposing as it once was. As an example, think about the Old Black Coach and how much of an improvement the newer Black Coach is. That’s what we’re talking about for the Steam Tank. Bigger base, more dynamic pose, and a more imposing model in general. I mean, what else have the Engineers of the Empire Cities of Sigmar been up to if not super-charging their Steam Tanks?!

Bonus: Necrosphinx


Man. What a cool model…whatever happened to this guy? Oh, right…



What do you think? What old school Age of Sigmar Models should get the next updated treatment?

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