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Age of Sigmar: How to Play Orruk Warclans – Bonesplitterz

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Apr 21 2021

Today we look into the Bonesplitterz Orruk Warclans faction of Age of Sigmar. Sometimes iron and muscle are no match for warpaint and faith.

Ironjawz aren’t the only Orruks in town, and some of them take a bit of a walk on the wild side. The Bonesplitterz wear little in the way of armor, and they are the feral cousins of the larger Ironjawz. Here are some quick tips for fielding a mob of the wild barbarian hordes, and some creatures to consider for your army.

What Are Bonesplitterz?

Where the Ironjawz are all about metal and rage, the Bonsplitterz follow their faith in their destructive gods and the souls of the creatures they hunt. Wearing nothing more than loincloths and bright blue warpaint, the Bonesplitterz charge into battle with reckless abandon, wielding weapons carved from stone or the bones of the massive beasts they have brought down. Where the Ironjawz are as close as Orruks get to an organized army, the Bonesplitterz are a wild horde, a whirlwind of destruction that even the mightiest creatures fall to.

Why Play Bonesplitterz?

The Bonesplitterz evoke the true feeling of Destruction, a horde of wild, untamed monsters who can ignore pain and unleash havoc with no issue. They can be surprisingly fast, and bury their enemies under waves of crazed green bodies worked into a frenzy by their wild-eyed shamans. Woe betides any monsters that happen to cross their path, because your opponent will find their prized centerpiece models quickly torn down by the manic warriors.


  • There are no better monster slayers out there
  • Their damage can stack pretty fast
  • They’re faster than standard Orruks
  • The feel the closest to old Orcs


  • Very fragile, even with the shrug
  • If you don’t take them in massive units, you will fold fast
  • No big monster unit
  • Not really excellent at anything
  • If your opponent has no monsters the army will feel subpar

Signature Rules
How you play and what rules you worry about depends on your subfaction, but these are the basic rules that you need to know for this army.

  • Tireless Trackers – Gives you a prebattle move. Use it to make sure you get an early charge or reposition to hunt down prime targets
  • Warpaint – Your whole army has a 6+ shrug. Nothing game-breaking, but still pretty cool
  • Monster Hunters – Bonesplitterz can choose one of three abilities while they’re close to a monster. Helps you make sure the monster you picked goes down.
  • Spirit of the Beast If a unit kills a monster, they are immune to battleshock for a turn. This feels like it should apply to everyone honestly.
  • Bonesplitterz Waaagh! – Your once per battle warshout that will buff your boyz to unspeakable heights if you roll high enough and there are enough other boyz nearby. Save it to tear down some enemy monsters

The subfactions for the Bonesplitters are called warclans, and each approaches battle a different way. You’ve got the wild Bonegrinz, the boar-loving Icebone, and the mystical Drakkfoot. Each one gives you a unique command trait and artifact, so if you feel like being more specialized, give them a look.

5 Key Units

As technically only half of a larger force, the Bonesplitterz are a little low on unit choices. However, there are still some standouts to bring to battle

Wurrgog Prophet – This guy will usually be your general, and he’s a powerful wizard in his own right. Can generate command points too, so bring him whether he’s your leader or not.

Savage Big Boss – Your killy leader, and the general if you didn’t choose the Prophet. Can let a unit nearby fight immediately after him in the combat phase and can give out exploding 6s. Like the prophet, bring one along even if it isn’t your general.


Wardokk – A combination wizard and priest that can heal or buff your boyz. Great to support your other heroes.

Savage Orruks/Morboys – I list these interchangably because they’re both battleline and basically the same, except one is a little more killy and one has more staying power thanks to shields. Use whatever flavor fits you the best.

Big Stabbas – Two Orruks carrying a massive spear that can ruin just about anything they hit, and if they get killed they can chuck it at something for some final damage. Great if you know you’ll be facing monsters.

Sample Army (1000 pts)

Army: Bonesplitterz

Leader: Wurgogg Prophet. General. Command Trait: Waaagh-Monger.

Leader: Savage Big Boss

Leader: Wardokk


Battleline: 20 Savage Orruks. Stikkas.

Battleline: 20 Savage Orruks. Stikkas.

Battleline: 10 Savage Orruk Morboyz

How to Play Bonsplitterz

Be as aggressive as you can, and don’t feel bad about losing models, because you will. If there are enemy monsters…soon there won’t be.


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