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Age of Sigmar: Lord Kroak Has An Amazing New Model Inbound

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Apr 12

The Legendary Starmaster is getting a new model and it’s looking AMAZING. Get ready for Lord Kroak to blow-up on the tabletop!

Lord Kroak is already one of the most feared magic slingers in Age of Sigmar. He’s also got a fairly old model…but that’s all about to change. Check out this new teaser from Games Workshop as well as this crazy new model below!

via Warhammer Community

“The events of the Broken Realms are so cataclysmic that they threaten the Great Plan of the slann, and Lord Kroak is roused from his contemplation to intervene directly. “

Okay…Wow. Just WOW.


If you need a refresher, here’s the old model:

While the concept is in the same vein, Lord Kroak looks a LOT more imposing. There are certain elements from the old model that have been re-worked and updated with the new model for sure. The tusks of ivory have been included and reimagined. He’s still on a palanquin, only that looks a lot more epic. He’s also got a little buddy there with him now, so it’s nice that he’s got some company. On top of that, it also looks like those floating slabs of rock are rings similar to the Seraphon’s terrain kit

Furthermore, you do have the option to have Lord Kroak with or without the headdress. I’m wondering if this model will also have an option as a “generic” Slann as well. Regardless, Lord Kroak is looking fantastic and I can’t wait to see this one up close!

There is one more sidenote about Lord Kroak GW menti0ned:

“Even after all this time, Kroak only seems to have grown in power. This is represented in your games with a new warscroll – but you’ll have to wait a little longer before we can tell you more than that.”


So he’s getting an updated Warscroll, too!? That is some BIG news for this caster. This could be a pretty big meta shift for the Seraphon armies out there as well. Lord Kroak is a strong and popular option and folks have been wondering if he would get a rebalance or update and now we have an answer: soon. And in a Broken Realms book, too. Now the question is *which* Broken Realms book and are we going to get a new Seraphon Battletome at an even later date? Time will tell…


What do you think of the new Lord Kroak? Let us know in the comments!

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