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Age of Sigmar: New Rules For Lumineth Realm-lords in ‘Warcry’ And A New Campaign

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Apr 28

The Lumineth Realm-lords are joining the fray in Warcry plus there’s a new Narrative Campaign for FREE. Check it out.

Warcry is back with a new batch of rules. This time the LRL are back with new rules so they can get in on the action. If you’ve been wanting to take these warriors of light into the Eightpoints* now you can. With 19 fighter cards, you’ve got LOTS of options when you’re putting together a Warcry Warband.

via Warhammer Community

Here’s just one example of the LRL Warband. If you do some quick back of the napkin math then you’ll learn that this fighter has the potential to drop 33 damage from that bonus attack. But before you get *too* excited, do understand that you’d need to roll seven 6s on all those dice. It’s not impossible. But it’s highly unlikely.

Again, this is also just 1 of 19 fighter cards to build your Warband from. Some other examples of options are Hurakan Windchargers, Hurakan Windmage, or even the new Vanari Lord Regent.

You can download the full fighter cards HERE



Forlorn Hope

“Also included is a new narrative campaign titled ‘The Forlorn Hope’. As with the previous narrative campaigns we’ve shared in these articles, this one is fairly quick to play through – with three battles in total, you can even play it from start to finish in a single evening.”

The campaign follows a warband that is fighting along side the Light of Eltharion in the events of Broken Realms: Teclis. You’ll be taking your LRL vs the Ossiarch Bonereapers in the campaign and it presents some extra special options as well. What options? How about a Nightmare Predator Endless spell to deal with? Not satisficed? How about rules for BOTH the Light of Eltharion AND Arkhan the Black?!

Yep – this is a campaign that puts something special in the mix (special characters that is). These warriors are probably a bit too over the top for standard games but hey, if GW has printed rules for them, and you’re looking for an extra challenge, why not try to take them on in other scenarios?

The Forlorn Hope Campaign can be downloaded from the same link above.


*technically, this campaign isn’t in the Eightpoints but the LRL Warband can be used in standard games of Warcry.


Download the campaign and the new LRL warband cards and give them a shot in Warcry!

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