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D&D: Five Perfect Warlocks, Their Weapons And Supplies

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Apr 15 2021

Warlocks are a fairly new concept to D&D, introduced by Wizards of the Coast–but there’s still a ton of famous Warlocks from the last decade and a half.

Wizards of the Coast first introduced the idea of Warlocks back in 3rd edition. They were much as they still are–arcane casters who make a power through a pact with a powerful patron entity that gives them access to arcane powers the likes of which mortals can only imagine (or do themselves), and their primary mode of attack was an eldritch blast.

But though warlocks weren’t first introduced until 3rd Edition, they still proved to be powerful and popular enough that there have been many examples throughout the history of D&D. Here are a few famous Warlocks.

Ammon Jerro


First up, Ammon Jerro–a powerful enemy at the heart of Neverwinter Nights 2. Ammon Jerro was a warlock who waged a secret war against an ancient threat known as the King of Shadows. His bargain with fiends led him to pay a steep price in the end, resulting in him murdering the last remaining descendant of his bloodline–a fate he could have avoided if he just sided with the player.


An iconic tiefling warlock out of Warriors of Waterdeep and many D&D books, Farideh is a renowned adventurer across the Sword Coast. Accidentally engaged in a pact with a cambion named Lorcan, Farideh has used her power to the benefit of Neverwinter, defeating agents of her patron, working with the Harpers, and living her best life with a Cambion patron trying to tempt her to darker goals.

Japheth Donard

The rare 4th Edition Warlock–Japheth Donard is a key figure in the events of the Spellplague. He was once an acolyte and librarian at Candlekeep, but found himself addicted to traveler’s dust and in a bid to escape his terminal addiction, sealed a pact with a fey entity known as Neifion, During the spellplague, his pact was broken by an Eladrin obssessed with the Far Realm, and Japheth became embroiled instead with the elder evil Caiphon.



Fjord, sometimes known as Captain Tusktooth, is a Hexblade Warlock, whose adventures with the Mighty Nein are well-documented every Thursday. He’s a great example of how multiclassing can be used to tell a story–and how you can swap patrons as a Warlock, giving you more power and a different narrative if your DM is cool with it.

K’thriss Drow’b

A drow warlock who serves as the Hoardsperson for the Dessarin Valley franchise of Acquisitions Incorporated, K’thriss Drow’b has been an important figure in the operations of Acquisitions Incorportated franchises, and has worked with prominent figures like Omin Dran, one of the Lords of Waterdeep, as well as the lesser-known C-Team. K’thriss is an example of what can happen when a Warlock’s patronage is bought out.

Whether you’re looking for examples of how Warlocks can fit in to the background of your campaign, or how they can be an example for your own PC’s story, there’s a lot to love about Warlocks.

Happy Adventuring!


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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