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D&D: This Awesome Dragon Mini Will Leave You Green With Envy And Poison

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Apr 27

WizKids has a brand new iconic green dragon miniature up for pre-order right now–get the most cunning and treacherous dragon!

When it comes to the dragons of Dungeons & Dragons, there are ten distinct varieties one for every taste so long as you have some very specific ideas about what dragons should be like. Although that may soon be changing with a rumored draco-centric book on the horizon as an eventual landing place for the dragon-themed spells and subclasses and feats we saw in the latest Unearthed Arcana.

But of the various dragons, the one that I keep coming back to is the Green Dragon. These chromatic dragons are known for their treachery and their schemes that span centuries. I love them because they’re as likely to be allied with player characters (who might help further their plans by doing what they were already going to do), as they are to attack them, and it’s exciting to be on either side of that equation.

Green dragons are also tied to forests, but are also amphibious, which makes them an excellent antagonist that can get away with a variety of different ways–where red dragons conquer or white dragons crave, green dragons manipulate and it feels very dragon-y. Which is why WizKids latest miniature, an Icon of the Realm version of an Adult Green Dragon is very exciting. Take a look below.

via WizKids

Icons of the Realms: Adult Green Dragon – $69.99

The most cunning and treacherous of true dragons, green dragons use misdirection and trickery to get the upper hand against their enemies. Nasty tempered and thoroughly evil, they take special pleasure in subverting and corrupting the good-hearted. In the ancient forests they roam, green dragons demonstrate an aggression that is often less about territory than it is about gaining power and wealth with as little effort as possible.


A green dragon is recognized by its curved jawline and the crest that begins near its eyes and continues down its spine, reaching full height just behind the skull. A green dragon has no external ears, but bears leathery spiked plates that run down the sides of its neck.

This miniature is huge, as you can see, and it’s packed full of details that make it feel like it’s living. And since this is one of the Icons of the Realms, this is a pre-painted miniature that will look almost exactly like the pictures you see here, just without the studio lighting.

But WizKids has captured everything from the snakelike texture of their underscales to the spines and horns that adorn the dragon’s back and skull, it really is straight off of the pages from the Monster Manual.

The Adult Green Dragon miniature is up for pre-order right now with an expected release of ‘July 2021’ and you can pre-order it directly from WizKids or you can use their buy local button to snag a copy via your FLGS.

Happy Adventuring!


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