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Hungry For Tabletop D&D But On A Computer? Solasta: Crown Of The Magister’s New Update Has You Covered

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Apr 06

Solasta: Crown of the Magister continues to impress with its latest update. From the Dungeon Maker to new feats, find out what’s new!

If you haven’t been giving Solasta: Crown of the Magister a try you’re missing out on the most faithful adaptation of the D&D 5th Edition rules to hit a computer yet. Working off of the 5th Edition SRD, the game combines grid-based movement and all the combat rules that you’ve come to know and love from 5th Edition from bonus action attacks to the ability to take reactions beyond just attacks of opportunities.

In a word, this game is the closest thing you can get to playing D&D 5E without sitting at a table full of d20s. And even THAT is about to get easier, since the new update brings with it the all-new 3D Dungeon Maker, which is the sort of rebirth of one of the best parts of Neverwinter Nights–the ability to create your own dungeons (and other maps) using the ingame tools.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg in the latest release. There’s so much more, including 8 different Background Quests, which play off of the background you choose for your party members. So if you bring a spy, you’ll unlock the spy quest.

There’s also new Martial Feats, which give the non-spellcasters of the game more options to take, a few others have been rebalanced. They’ve even added Legendary Actions in to the game. In a few months, I imagine you can get the experience of playing through someone else’s custom adventure, complete with boss fights and all in Solasta: Crown of the Magister. Check out the Spring Update trailer below:

New Content / Feature:

  • Added the Dungeon Maker (Beta). The Dungeon Maker allows you to create, share and play custom maps, and will continue to get improved over time. Check the Dungeon Maker section below for more information.
  • The Main Quest now continues a little bit past the Wizard’s Tower. You will be able to return to Caer Cyflen to report to the Council and will unlock your own residence (simply a resting area, not customizable), after which you will be free to continue playing instead of being booted back to the main menu.
  • Added Background Quests for each of the 8 Backgrounds available in Character Creation. Background Quests are only available if one of the party member has the right Background – for instance, the Spy Background unlocks the Spy Background Quest. You can check where to unlock them in the following article.
  • Added Side Quests. Side Quests are available through the Adventuring Board found in Caer Cyflen close to Gorim’s Emporium, with the first unlocking once you talked to the Council after returning from Caer Lem. Be warned, some Side Quests may be quite difficult if you tackle them immediately after unlocking them!
  • Added Difficulty Settings. Difficulty Settings can be found the in the Settings => Game tab and can be customized at any time. Note that higher difficulty modes have not yet been properly balanced yet, so playing on Cataclysm may very well make you want to eat your keyboard (please don’t).
  • Implemented Legendary Actions for Aksha and Razan. Legendary Actions allow certain bosses to act outside their turn, so you may have to change your tactics a bit!
  • Added Achievements (WIP). Achievements are missing localization (FR / DE / ZH) and icons, but are otherwise functional. Note that some achievements may not be unlockable until the full 1.0 release – such as the achievement for finishing the game.
  • Added new Martial Feats and rebalanced a couple of existing ones. Read more about them here.
    • Ambidextrous: +1 DEX, allows for dual-wielding with non-light 1 handed weapons
    • Discretion of Coedymwarth: +1 DEX, grants proficiency with Light Armor, Shortsword, Shortbow and Longbow
    • Eager for Battle: +1 DEX, grants advantage on initiative rolls
    • Follow Up Strike: When attacking with a two-handed weapon, you can use a bonus action to deal an additional 1d4 + STR bonus damage of the same type
    • Hauler: +1 STR, now doubles your carrying capacity (rather than increasing it by a flat 40 lbs)
    • Might of the Iron Legion: Now requires proficiency with Medium Armor
    • Powerful Cantrip: Now works with every cantrip that deals damage, not only ones with saving throws
    • Raise Shield: When you are about to get hit by a ranged attack while wielding a shield, you can use your reaction to gain +3 AC until the end of the attacker’s turn
    • Rush to Battle: You can use your bonus action to increase your movement speed by 15′, but you suffer -2 AC until the start of your next turn
    • Sturdiness of the Tundra: +1 CON, grants proficiency with Medium Armor, Warhammer, Light Crossbow and Heavy Crossbow
    • Take Aim: You can use your bonus action to negate all advantages and disadvantages on your ranged weapon attacks until the end of your turn
    • Twin Blade: When you are about to get hit by a melee attack while dual-wielding (2 weapons), you can use your reaction to gain +3 AC until the end of the attacker’s turn
    • Uncanny Accuracy: Now works with all ranged attacks (including spel

Happy Adventuring!

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