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‘Moon Knight’ Behind the Scenes Clips Show Oscar Isaac Kicking Ass

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Apr 14 2021

The lead actor has been hard at work in the gym to perfect his hand-to-hand combat skills.

Marc Spector has been a cult favorite Marvel character that has been due for some on-screen attention for several decades. Spector is a Jewish-American rabbi’s son from Chicago that started as an ex-CIA agent and mercenary; he was a Batman analog for Marvel (Doug Moench created him; he worked on the caped crusader for years) initially. Over the years, he has become more than a gun for hire.

His connection to Egyptian moon god Khonshu (who may or may not be a figment of Spector’s imagination), numerous alter-egos/personalities, and choice to solve weird unusual make him a compelling choice to lead a series.

Oscar Isaac’s casting was announced last fall. I think he’s a perfect pick – he has the ability to be a suave Steven Grant, a rough Jake Lockley, a professional Mr.Knight, a slightly unhinged Marc Spector, and the crime-fighting Moon Knight. Based on these new videos, he’s well on his way to being physically ready to take on the role of a Marvel superhero.



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Issac is being joined by May Calamawy in an unknown role and Ethan Hawk, who will be playing the series’ main villain. Egyptian writer-director Mohamed Diab is directing all of the episodes – he has a major Cannes success under his belt, it’s going to be interesting how he handles this story. Lead writer Jeremy Slater (The Umbrella Academy) has been a Marvel comics fan for decades.

“I was seven when I bought my first Marvel comic, and my life was changed on the spot. It’s no exaggeration to say that joining the MCU is the single greatest honor of my career. I’m thrilled and terrified and deliriously happy. And while I won’t be able to tell you anything in regards to story… I *can* tell that you – we’ve assembled a room full of brilliant writers who truly love this character, and we’re all hard at work crafting something special for you. So stick around and stay tuned. Moon Knight is on the way, and it’s going to be one hell of a ride.”

Moon Knight doesn’t have a target release date, but it’s confirmed that we can expect a 6 part series with 45-60 minute episodes similar to the format of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

Marvel Studios head Kevin Fiege has said several times that the series on Disney+ will tie into big-screen MCU movies – a plan made clear with the closing scene of WandaVision. Rumors are floating around that the Moon Knight series will tie into Mahershala Ali’s Blade, which I’m all for.


Author: Mars Garrett
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