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MTG: Magic For Math Nerds – Quandrix Commander Deck Revealed

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Apr 08

Proving that math can make anything at least ten times cooler, Strixhaven’s latest Commander Deck is all about mathemagic.

Strixhaven is out here proving what Ludwig von Drake has been proclaiming for years, that math is magic. Only you don’t have to be a Walt Disney animated special from the 60s anymore, now you can be the new Blue Green Commander Deck, Quantum Quandrix instead.

Though I understand if you wanna be him.

Yes, Quantum Quandrix is a new blue-green deck led by one commander who is actually two, Adrix and Nev, Twincasters.

These Merfolk Wizards set the theme for the rest of the Deck, which is all about tokens, tokens, and then more tokens. If you want a good token deck, you’ve got it right here. Also of note, Ward is a new evergreen keyword, which feels like a powered down kind of Hexproof, so this is just the beginning.

Let’s look at the other legendaries. First up, the Quandrix poster child, Zimone:

Then there’s a couple of legendary animal druids:


Then there’s, Deekah, Fractal Theorist who introduces the main subtheme of the deck: fractal creatures.

You’llĀ  have a lot of ways of interacting with fractal creatures and counters. It’s basically a quick way to juice up your tokens. There’s even one final legendary creature dedicated to them:

The whole idea of this deck is that your fractal creatures will quickly–and mathematically–overwhelm your opponent.


But there’s more than just fractal stuff waiting for you. This is Blue/Green after all, and that means CHONKS. Fractal chonks.

Like this spawning Kraken who spits out 9/9 Kraken tokens whenever any Kraken, Leviathan, Octopus, or Serpent does combat damage to a player. This is the card I will lose several games trying to make spin up the right way. Especially with Ruxa’s combat damage ability. There’s also a little guy who gets really big.

Here are some of the other creatures:


And a few more spells:

All of this and more awaits you in Quantum Quandrix.

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