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MTG: Secret Lair Superdrop Spoilers – Mystical Archive, Concert Posters, Fulltext Lands, Culture Shocks

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Apr 22

Want to get a look at three different sets of Secret Lair Cards? Mystical Archive arrivals, concert poster sorceries, and fulltext lands await!

It’s a Secret Lair Superdrop today folks, with WotC unveiling cards for four different Secret Lair sets in one fell swoop. Whether you’re looking for Mystical Archive additions, a set of Shocklands, a bunch of Concert Poster inspired cards, or the one I can’t believe is actually happening, fulltext lands, you’ll find something amazing here. First up, Mystical Archive.

Strixhaven’s Mystical Archive is a library that holds a record of every spell that’s ever been cast. In the world of Magic: the Gathering, that means it’s a powerful nexus of magical research, but practically speaking it means some of the most famous spells from Magic’s history are getting some brand new art that shows how far we’ve come over the years.

You get All is Dust, Fracturing Gust, Fractured Identity, Drown in the Loch, Fire Covenant, and Artifact Mutation. The artwork is extraordinarily good on all of these–look at Emrakul up there. There’s just so much power.


But the Mystical Archive isn’t the only new set of cards. You’ll also find a set of Culture Shocks, which are reimagined shock lands as the name implies. There are five different sets of Culture Shocks and this time we’re revisiting the Shards of Alara, including the best one of all: Jund.

Look if you wanna win, all you have to do is Jund ’em out!

But there’s also Bant:

And Naya:


Or Esper:

And Grixis:

But if lands are your, uh, frands, then you’ll absolutely love the next set–it’s just five basic lands. But. Uh.

This is what Magic: the Gathering has been heading towards since set one. It’s only now in 2021 that anyone was brave enough to do it. This is the only set that matters, the only lands that matter, and I’ll need so many sets now.

But for the true showstopper set, check out Our Show Is On Friday, Can You Make It? a collection of cards inspired by concert-posters. You know how some magic cards are basically a band name already? This set shows you what their posters would be. Check them out.


I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Nature’s Lore at a dive bar that closed down a year or two ago and now it’s a Panera Bread and luxury condominiums.

Wrath of God is definitely going to get their teenaged fans interested in subculture, but it attracts the theatre kids who are too scared to be actually delinquent.

Gamble’s lead guitarist will shred so fast her guitar catches on fire, which will impress the ten people who actually caught the show.

Decree of Pain is from Finland and they do not have time for you.

And finally Preordain, who is still playing through their first song after an hour, but it doesn’t matter because you’re high enough to pierce the illusion of time. You can hear the prog from here.


That’s the next big Secret Lair sets.

Which ones are you excited to pick up?

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