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MTG: Strixhaven Commander Week – Lorehold Commander Deck Reveal

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Apr 06

It’s Commander Week for Strixhaven, which means that we get to see each of Strixhaven’s pre-constructed Commander Decks. Today? Lorehold’s red & white deck.

Strixhaven opens its doors not only to students, but to Commanders. That’s right we’re talking about my favorite magic format, Commander. And to kick things off, we’re jumping in with the new red and white deck: Lorehold Legacies. Come take a look at this red/white artefact deck which is an unusual combination the two, but with Osgir the Reconstructor and a brand new approach for white it should be pretty exciting. Let’s take a look.

Starting everything off is Osgir the Reconstructor, a legendary giant artificer who comes with his own engine where you sacrifice an artifact to gain power, then can exile that artifact for two copies of that card. Which is pretty spicy to begin with. But look at your other legendary creature (and potential commander) Alibou, Ancient Witness.

Alibou offers up a ton of opportunities to play with artifact creatures, tapped artifacts, and on top of all of that your artifact creatures gain haste. Speaking of which, Thopter Engineer is here as well:

You’ll find a lot of engineers in play, actually. You’ve got Losheel, Clockwork Scholar, who tacks on more card advantage mechanics on top of rewarding you for attacking.


Speaking of card advantage, look at Laelia who both lets you exile a card to play it, and grows more powerful the more often you do so.

Let’s take a look at some of the non-legendary cards in the deck now:

As you can see, these play incredibly well with Laelia–but this deck is full of all the targeted removal you’d want to see as well:


Apparently Lorehold is big on copying effects–which is especially useful in a singleton format.

Do you like card draw?

Because Lorehold has Card Draw.


What about cycling? And big chonks?

Sadly the new Lorehold Campus isn’t as exciting as far as new nonbasic lands goes.

Same for Study Hall.

And that’s just a taste of what lies in store. Here’s a full decklist:

Get Ready Commanders


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