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Necromunda: Redemptionists – Burn The Heretic And Everyone Else With The Fire Pike

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Apr 13

Looking for a weapon that matches the heat of your furious zeal? The Redemptionists have just the thing – the holy promethium spewing Fire Pike!

Fanatical Faith can drive folks to do some far-out there things. In the Underhive, it can cause the members of House Cawdor (or their more Fervorous Cult the Redemptionists) to burn things. Lots of things. And their enemies. And sometime anyone nearby…The point is they like fire. A lot. And today we’re getting a look at them and one of their weapons of choice – the Fire Pike.

via Warhammer Community

“Be careful – you might see entire gangs made up of Redemptionists, or you could see a few of these zealots making up the numbers in Cawdor gangs. Most of their weapons, such as the fire pike, are pretty short-ranged, so make sure you take advantage of your boltguns and sniper rifles to take them out before they get too close.”

The Fire Pike is limited range and that’s probably the saving grace when facing off against one of these. If you can avoid getting into template range (man – I haven’t though about one of those in a while) then you should be safe. Relatively speaking.


If you’re playing a Cawdor gang, you’ll be happy to know that you’ll be able to add a few Redemptionists to your roster. Or, if you really want, you can create an entire Redemptionists gang. They do have some pretty unique weapons when it comes to dispensing their faith in the Underhive.

The new rules for Redemptionists and the history of House Cawdor (and more) will all be available soon in the upcoming House of Faith book. Don’t be surprised if there is a surge in flame-related homicides in the Underhive when it hits shelves either! If you can’t stand the heat, you might want to get out of the ‘hive!

Burninating the peasants…

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