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Warhammer 40K: A New Beast Snagga Model Revealed

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Apr 05

Games Workshop showcases another Beast Snagga Model along with a bunch more info about the new Ork Subkultur coming soon.bea

The Beast Snaggas have certainly turned some heads with their first impression and now, Games Workshop is giving us a new look at the upcoming Ork addition. But before we get into all the new info – let’s check out the new model!

via Warhammer Community

A New Beast Snagga Approaches

This particular Beast Snagga is indeed wielding a rocket boosted Spear. By adding those rocket boosters it makes the spear both “louder and killier” which is a very Orky thing to do and certainly fits in with the theme of these Boyz.

“Just because they eschew the trukks and bikes of their Speed Freek cousins’ armies, doesn’t mean the Beast Snaggas are averse to using some of the local Mekboyz’s creations. Think of them as pro-squig, rather than anti-thinkin’.”

So it’s not that they hate technology or anything – it’s just that they really like their squigs. Plus, they have an appreciation of the “old ways” of the Orks. This leads them to disregard some of the more complex Orky tech that has been used by Orks.


“The Beast Snagga boyz themselves are hulking mountains of muscle even by regular Ork standards – spending a lifetime chasing down and grappling with ravenous beasts breeds particularly hardy individuals. Even their Gretchin underlings are a smidge braver than usual, as those affectionately dubbed ‘saddlegitz’ hold on for dear life and take whatever swings they can.”

On top of the new info about the Beast Snaggas themselves, we also learned some more fun facts. For example the Snakebite Clan has a fair number of Beast Snaggas within their ranks but they are not exclusive to them. Even the “no-nonsense Goff” Clan can appreciate the Squighogs that are captured and raised by the Beast Snaggas.

We have a funny feeling that these will not be the only new additions to the Ork’s ranks. Clearly GW has a few more kits planned and that probably means a new codex is on the way in the future.


Big red steeds indeed!


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