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Warhammer 40K BREAKING: Updated Ad-Mech Pteraxii Skystalkers & Sterylizors Confirmed

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Apr 7 2021

The Ad Mech Pteraxii (both of em) are back with an updated set of rules for 9th edition. Take a look.

This image from a miniature assembly guide has been doing the rounds. It appears to be from a new repacked set of Adeptus Mechanicus Pteraxii Skystalkers & Sterylizors.  It is all over Reddit, and various forums.

Updated Pteraxii Skystalkers / Sterylizors

Some items from the updated statlines& weapons:

Pteraxii Skystalkers

  • Statline is unchanged
  • Flechette carbine changes from 24″ to 18″
  • Taser goad changes from AP- to AP-1

Pteraxii Sterylizors

  • Statline is unchanged
  • Taser goad changes from AP- to AP-1


Minor tweaks on both of these. On the Skystalkers the big change is the decreased range of the Flechette carbine. It would appear that GW intends for the unit to have to close a little more to get in their shots, and perhaps provide some stat separation between the Flechette carbine and the longer-ranged Eldar Swooping Hawk Las-blaster.

Both units got the slight increase in AP to the Taser goad, bringing it on par with the Pteraxii talons. It’s at least easier to keep track of when you are making all your melee rolls for the unit.

Overall the grousing from previously was that the Pteraxii units were better at pretty much everything than Eldar Swooping Hawks, so the Design Studio may have decided to tone them down just a little, making the Skystalkers slightly closer ranged skirmishers, compared to the more stand-offish Eldar Aspects.


All hail the Omnissiah!

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