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Warhammer 40K: Imperial Icons – 5 Tanks That Scream ‘For The Emperor!’

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Apr 23

This one is for all you Treadheads out there. These are the Imperial Tanks that the Emperor would be proud to see grind his enemies to dust!

There are lots of Imperial Tanks out there amongst the many armies of the Emperor. However, there are a few that are more iconic than the rest. Today, we’re going to look at these weapons of war and why they scream “For The Emperor!” louder than the rest! Let’s dive in…

The Rhino

From Space Marines to Adeptus Arbites, to the Sisters of Battle – TANK your pick. The humble Rhino serves the Imperium with honor and distinction. The Adepta Sororitas version pictured above is basically a moving altar for the Emperor with all the extra relics and doodads! Nothing says “I [heart] the Imperium like holy relics and fancy doodads.

Leman Russ Battle Tank

Oh sure, the Space Marines might get all the fancy toys, but when it comes to the real work horse of the Imperium, the anvil that holds the line, the grindstone that crushes the enemies of the Emperor time and time again, nothing else is more iconic than the Leman Russ Battle Tank. With all it’s various versions the Leman Russ has defended and secured every planet in the Imperium at some point. The Marines might be the tip of the Spear, but the Guard and their Leman Russ Battle Tanks are the hammer that finishes the job!

Land Raider

Speaking of Space Marines…while they might have gotten a bunch of new Primaris Toys to play with, the Land Raider is STILL more iconic. Few war machines of the Adeptus Astartes have had such a long and glorious service record than the Land Raider. Designed to both deliver it’s deadly payload and deposit a unit of troopers to where the Emperor needs them most, the Land Raider’s dual roles as transport and battlefield firebase make it versatile and iconic. When you send in the Marines, you know they probably had Land Raiders get them to the thickest of the fight!



While the Baneblade is less common than the Leman Russ Battle Tank, it’s still an easily recognizable war machine and an iconic vehicle in the Imperial armory. Nothing else screams “For The Emperor!” louder than a volley of fire from all the guns on a Baneblade and few targets can withstand such a series of hits from one either. The Baneblade pounds the enemies of the Imperium into nothing but blood and dust!


What do you get when you mix a holy mobile reliquary with an mountain of firepower? You get an Exorcist!  This doesn’t scream so much as sing “For the Emperor!” when it takes the field. I can’t think of anything that is both as over the top and as effective as an Exorcist is on the tabletop. There are so many details and relics of the Imperium on this tank AND an almost comical amount of firepower that it can put out – it’s the perfect marriage of silly and grimdark and that’s what makes it so iconic.


What tank did we leave out? There’s lots to choose from – let us know your favorite and Imperial Icons in Tank form in the comments!

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