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Warhammer: Horus Heresy – Maloghurst The Twisted New Model Revealed

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Apr 15 2021

Games Workshop is showcasing a brand new model for the Horus Heresy – it’s Maloghurst the Twisted in all his glory!

The infamous equerry to Warmaster Horus is finally getting a model from Forge World and it’s looking good. Packing a wicked scar and a mighty banner of the Sons of Horus, Maloghurst the Twisted is reporting for duty.

via Warhammer Community

“Maloghurst was a veteran legionary that served the Luna Wolves and Sons of Horus throughout numerous campaigns during the Great Crusade, earning the nickname ‘Twisted’ due to his formidable mind. The title took on a cruel double meaning when enemy forces shot down his transport during the pacification of planet 63-19, and he was left badly injured.”

“The model perfectly encapsulates Maloghurst as he was at the beginning of the Horus Heresy. As you’ll see from his rules in The Horus Heresy Book Two – Massacre, he opens up some unique army building options for your Sons of Horus army.”

Maloghurst the Twisted carries the Icon of his Legion and has a unique way of holding the standard. Also, he’s got himself a tactical rock to stand on as he takes aim with a Heresy-Era bolter. It’s a great take on an iconic character from the Horus Heresy.

If you are looking for his rules, they can be found in The Horus Heresy Book Two – Massacre.


The Horus Heresy Book Two – Massacre (Softback) $62

Word of Horus’ treachery escapes the Isstvan system and now the Legions loyal to the Emperor mobilise to make Horus and those who follow account for their crimes. However the depth of the betrayal is yet to be revealed.

Inside you will find:

– Background on the fateful conclusion of the Isstvan campaign and four more Legions that took part
– Legion Appendix: Iron Hands – special rules, wargear, units and characters
– Legion Appendix: Salamanders – special rules, wargear, units and characters
– Legion Appendix: Night Lords – special rules, wargear, units and characters
– Legion Appendix: Word Bearers– special rules, wargear, units and characters
– The Isstvan V Campaign
– Additional entries for the Space Marine Legion Crusade Army list presented in The Horus Heresy Book One

The Horus Heresy Book Two – Massacre is a 192-page, full-colour, softback campaign book for The Horus Heresy game and requires a copy of The Horus Heresy: Age of Darkness Rulebook to use.


For the Warmaster!


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