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Warhammer Underworlds: Direchasm – Crimson Court Preview Or How To Eat Your Enemies

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Apr 06

The Crimson Court Vampires are coming to Warhammer Underworlds and we’re getting a closer look at the Warband and their rules!

I hope you have your Stakes, Garlic, and Silver – does silver work? Can’t hurt I guess. Why? Because the Vampires are coming to play. Maybe don’t invite them in to play and stick to outdoor venues during the day. In any case, it’s the Crimson Court and we’re getting a closer look at exactly what these vampires are up to and how they will defEAT their enemies.

via Warhammer Community

“While control of their Hunger brings special abilities and is required for Inspiration, the savage bloodlust that takes over, should their thirst run rampant, comes with its own benefits too. After all, a burst of murderous fury might be just what you need to crack open the walking bags of blood we call mortals.”

As we learned, the way this warband becomes inspired is by satiating their hunger. They have an interesting back-and-forth mechanic for their hunger, too. They can benefit from being bloodthirsty, or they can get inspired and get other abilities. Let’s go through the fighters:

Prince Duvalle




“The Crimson Court’s leader is an excellent close-range fighter who does extra damage when affected by Bloodthirst. When he’s Inspired, he can use vampiric magic to coax enemy fighters closer to their doom.”

Certainly not a slouch in either case, Prince Duvalle looks like he’s going to cause some serious trouble in Underworlds. Fiendish Lure is going to be useful to getting enemies out of position, hopefully setting them up to take some more damage later. Conversely, you’ve got the option to go bloodthristy and get some bonus damage on his attack.

Gorath The Enforcer

Gorath is going to do a lot of work in this warband. Not only is he plenty tough and a hard hitter, he can even sling spells if he’s inspired. Is there anything he can’t do (besides grow hair)?

Vellas von Faine


Vellas is an amazing duelist with her twin curved blades. When she gets inspired, she is permanently on guard! On the flip side, when she does get Hangery, she gets Scything for her swords – really you can’t go wrong here.

Ennais Curse-born

Ennais is the speedy one of the this warband. When he’s bloodthirsty, he gets +2 move and that makes him one of the fastest fighters in the game. Even when he’s inspired, he still gets some fancy movement options as obstacles, blocked hexes, and even lethal hexes pose him no danger. Having wings DOES have advantages.

Now, as far as the rest of the cards, Warhammer Community has put up all their cards for you to look at.

If you’d like to see the rest, we highly encourage you to stop over to their site and check them ALL out.

This warband is looking pretty solid and has lots of options and ways to customize them to make them your own. But even if you just take the basic deck and throw-down with this warband, you’re going to have plenty to work with.


Someone order some garlic bread?

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