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Age of Sigmar: Heroes of ‘Kragnos’ – Dexcessa, Warsong Revenant, and Lord Kroak Rules

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May 30 2021

Let’s take a closer look at the rules for a trio of Heroes from the new Broken Realms: Kragnos.

There are a bevvy of new heroes and warscroll in the new Broken Realms: Kragnos. Today, however, we’re focusing on three of them in particular. These are all new models with matching new rules, too. Heck, even Lord Kroak got a major rework. So let’s do this.

Dexcessa, Talon of Slaanesh

One of the new Twins of Slaanesh, Dexcessa is almost like 1/2 of a Keeper of Secrets. Clocking in at a slightly lower points value, she’s still *almost* as tough as a standard Keeper. I think GW is anticpating folks running her and her twin in a single list. Maybe. If you mashed them together, you’d end up with more wounds total and a bit more over-all damage potential. But that’s another discussion. Let’s talk about Dexcessa.

Running and Charging on the same turn is a big boost for her as she’s the close-combat twin. Her Joyous Battle Fury is going to ramp-up the number of attacks so you want to get her in combat ASAP. Then again, with a 12″ move, a run, and a 2D6″ charge, that shouldn’t be an issue turn one. It’s going to be tough for her NOT to get in over her head. Thankfully, she does have that -1 to be hit. She’s also got two helpful buffs – one is ignoring battleshock for friendly Slaanesh daemons wholly within 12″ and the other is a “free” command point to issue commands to once per turn.

Warsong Revenant

The Warsong Revenant is going to be an interesting option in Sylvaneth lists. He’s 275 points – which is a lot. However, he can do some mean stuff. Slap him on a Balewind Vortex for starters. And if you can squeeze that inside one of the new Awakened Wyldwoods (which you can) that “Unleash the Swarm of Spites” ability gets pretty nasty. If you’re worried about getting the spell off, just remember that he knows ALL the spells from Lore of the Deepwood, too. There is a certain throne that might be helpful…


Aside from the magic side of things, he’s got a 5+ save on top of a 4++ save, too. He also messes with Bravery on top of being a decent melee fighter on top of all that. 7 wounds, good damage and magic, and a cool model? This should be a welcome addition to the Sylvaneth army.

Lord Kroak

Did they Buff him? Did they Nerf him? Whatever man – Kroak is still one of the best spell slingers in AoS. Period. Sure, he might not get to ride the Balewinds any more but he’s still got lots of tricks up his mummified sleeves.

We already covered his “Dead of Innumerable Ages” ability. But, once again, it’s going to come down to a die roll for him. As mentioned there will be that one game where someone only does 3 wounds to him in a phase and the Kroak player rolls an 18 on 3D6. It’s going to happen. At the same time, it’s a cool rule and an interesting way to handle him. It’s a slight take on a previous version of the rule.

He generates more Command Points (which could be great for the new edition). He’s also got a standard 2+ to cast and dispell – oh and he can dispell anything on the board. Because Kroak. That’s 4 spells a turn, too! He’s going to be dropping comets and shooting lasers all game also. Kroak’s Supreme Gift from the Heavens also makes him totally worth it as he can toss out a +1 save and fly to Seraphon models which not only makes them tougher, but they also get some threat (because flying is good).

Does this make Kroak an Auto-include? Well, at 430 points, he’s still probably worth it. No more allying him in to your non-Seraphon lists at 2k, and he can’t ride the Balewind Vortex, but he’s still a potent force multiplier.



What do you think of these new Warscrolls?

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