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Age of Sigmar: It’s Neferata’s Turn – Legion of Blood Rules Previews

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May 13 2021

Games Workshop is teasing even more previews from the Soulblight Gravelords and it’s time to look at the Legion of Blood!

With the Soulblight Gravelords battletome on the way to pre-orders this weekend GW has been showcasing rules previews all week. Today, we’re getting a closer look at Queen Neferata’s rules and her very own Legion of Blood. Let’s see what she and her cohorts can do on the tabletop!

via Warhammer Community

“In Nulahmia, appearances are important. The ranked armies that march in perfect lockstep under the banners of the Legion of Blood are wonderful and terrible in equal measure. The living find them even more unnerving for their cold precision. “

If you’re opponent is susceptible to battleshock tests, this could help compound the impact. An extra D3 Models can really sting – especially for those multi-wound units.

And here I thought the Ossiarch Bonereapers were fans of all things bone. Turns out the Legion of Blood is also a fan of bones – specifically Deathrattle units. They get to ignore negative modifiers to hit AND wound rolls for melee attacks while they are wholly within 12″ of a Legion of Blood Vampire (or 18″ of the general). This also applies to Black Knight Cavalry, Wight Kings, and even the more elite Grave Guard.


Send in the Black Knights!

Naturally, The Legion of Blood also has their own set of command traits and artifacts of power to use. One such ability is the Aura of Dark Majesty which will help your General avoid getting hit.

Another example is the Ring of Dominion which allows you to force the enemy to hit themselves. It takes a 5+ to do it, but if you succeed, then they do a number of mortal wounds to themselves equal to the damage stat of a weapon they are wielding. Plus, you get to say “quit hitting yourself” because you know you’re thinking it anyways.


If you REALLY want to get into character, you can take Neferata herself.

“Her ancient dagger, Akmet-har, is capable of killing an enemy Hero in one stroke.”

Watch out for that one! But she’s got more tricks up her sleeve beside pure combat prowess – she’s got spells, too.

Toss this on a unit with a decent save stat and watch them survive against the enemy’s high rend attackers.

“The Legion of Blood is perfect for anyone who’s looking for an army that’s heavy on Deathrattle units, and strong vampire Leaders that will make your opponent’s life more difficult. “

If you want legions of skeletal warriors and strong vampires, the Legion of Blood might be for you.



Pre-orders are up this weekend!

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