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Age of Sigmar: Kragnos, The End of Empires Warscroll Reveal

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May 24 2021

Kragnos has a new batch of rules and he’s looking like a hard-hitting avalanche of pain. Can he be stopped? Let’s take a look!

Games Workshop has revealed a ton of lore about the might Kragnos and now we’re getting a closer look at his rules. If you want to follow along, you can download those same rules from the Link below:

Kragnos, End of Empires Rules (GW)


The Breakdown

Statblock-wise, he’s absolutely no joke. 18 Wounds, a 2+ save a speed of 10″ down to 7″, and a Bravery of 10. He’s going to fit right in among the “Big Boys” of AoS with ease. As far as weapons go …YIKES. The Dread Mace has a massive 3″ reach with 6 attacks a 3+/2+ profile and -3 rend with damage 4! Good Gravy, that’s scary. Kragnos is going to smash entire units in his wake and that’s just the first weapon. Tuskbreaker is another 3 attacks with the same 3+/2+ profile with -2 rend and D3 damage. Still quite good! And his final set are his hooves of Wrack and Ruin with a variable 6-3 attacks 3+/2+ and -1 rend with 2 damage each.

Doing some quick math, that’s a whopping 24+9+12=45 potential damage if you maxed out. End of Empires, Indeed! All of those attacks have pretty good odds to both wound and put the pain on armor, too and, by the way, there’s more damage coming.

If Kragnos is in a Destruction army (and he kind of has to be) he is also treated as a General in addition to any model that is chose to be the general, too. That said, he while he can be included in any army that has the Destruction keyword, he does not benefit from the army’s allegiance abilities and you can’t include any Mercs in the army either.

More Abilities

Bellow of Rage


When Kragnos takes any wounds that were not negated in the round, you roll a die for each OTHER unit and each defensible terrain feature within 6″. Compare that to the Bellow of Rage chart above and if it’s equal or greater than the value, that unit takes D3 mortal wounds or that defensible terrain feature is demolished! Note that it’s ANY other unit with 6″ – friend or foe alike.

Destroyer of the Draconith Empire and Rampaging Destruction

Are you afraid of Stardrakes, Drakes, Dracoths or Dracolines? Because Kragnos most certainly is not. In fact, he gets to re-roll charges and hits while he’s within 12″ of ANY of them! Note: He doesn’t have to be attacking those units, just within 12″ of them…

Rampaging Destruction allows for some extra mortal wound generation. If it’s just regular unit, it’s going to be D6 mortals on a 2+. If it’s a monster…well that thing is about to have a bad time. It’s 2D6, except it is multiplied TOGETHER. Unless the roll total is a 7. In which case, you just lucked out. Otherwise the pain train has hit the station.

Icon of Destruction and Shield Inviolate


The Icon of Destruction is just a nice bravery bump for all friendly Destructions units wholly within 12″ – just be mindful of that 6″ range for Bellow of Rage.

The Shield Inviolate will shut down magic that is targeting him for sure. It’s basically a 3D6 roll that needs to be greater than the casting value of the spell or endless spell (which should be too hard to roll). It’s a great way to keep Kragnos on the tabletop s Magic Heavy lists.


Not much. Kragnos has a fanastic armor save of 2+ and can basically shut down magic targeting him. So your best bet is going to be to attempt to toss out non-spell Mortal Wounds against him or hit him HARD with lots of high rend attacks. He’s a big model with a good size base so he’s not going to be hiding. That said, it’s still 18 wounds to chew through and dishing that out is going to be rough. But, just as we’ve seen with other big models, Kragnos isn’t immortal or invulnerable…he can bleed. It’s not going to be easy to *make* him bleed and he’s going to march over pretty much anything in his way… but he can be brought down. Eventually.

Unstoppable force? Not quite. But it’s gonna hurt to get in front of this pain train.

Author: Adam Harrison
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