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D&D: ‘Dark Alliance’ Reveals New Drizzt Character Abilities And Combat

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May 27 2021

Want to take a sneak peek at some of the frenetic combos that Drizzt and friends will unleash in Dark Alliance? Look no further.

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance, Tuque Games’ upcoming co-op brawler starring Drizzt Do’Urden, Bruenor Battlehammer, Wulfgar, and Catti-brie, the famous Companions of Icewind Dale, promises a load of action and adventure and even more action.

And today we’ll be looking at some newly revealed abilities that center on the action that each one of these characters will be able to unleash. If you want to get a sense for each character’s playstyle and the sorts of combos that you can construct using their abilities, you’ll want to check out the latest developer stream. We’ve linked it below, but if you don’t have a spare hour or so, scroll on for the highlights:


As you’ll see, over the course of the dev stream, we get a look at each of the different characters and their play styles, including their special abilities. We’ve previously gotten to see Wulfgar in action, but now we get a glimpse of all four heroes. Let’s check out the highlights, starting with Drizzt.

Drizzt Do’Urden is the clear star of the show (after all it’s not the summer of Catti-brie, though after we see her moveset, perhaps it should be). Fighting with two swords, Drizzt is all about fast attacks and athletic feats. But two scimitars aren’t the only things at Drizzt’s disposal. The drow ranger has access to a number of shadow magic powers that let him teleport:

Or ensnare enemies at range:


Or even summon darkness to empower his own attacks:

But for all this, Drizzt isn’t the best at breaking an opponent’s guard. Instead he needs to rely on limited unblockable attacks, like summoning his panther companion Gwenhyvar, or outflanking enemies who are locked in combat. And while he’s hardy, he will rely on dodging more than blocking to stay out of danger.

Catti-brie is similar to Drizzt, though she amps up the acrobatics even more. If Drizzt is all about blades and spells, Catti-brie combines athletics with bow and a surprising amount of kicks.

Just… a lot of kicks. And if you want you can also shoot your arrows at your opponents, even empowering your arrows with arcane power:


Her signature abilities allow her to deal out a lot of damage in very little time. If you want to absolutely tear through enemies, Catti-brie is the way to do exactly that. But she’s more than just the damage-dealer, she’s also the best support hero in the game, as she has the ability to summon a healing spirit or even resurrect fallen allies:

Bruenor Battlehammer is a dwarf, and is about as dwarf a dwarf that ever dwarfed. He is slow moving, does heavy attacks with an axe and a heavy shield, and he works at his best when he’s supporting his team in a fight. If Catti-brie is the healer, Bruenor is the tank. He’s the only character who can block and attack at the same time.

And he has a number of support abilities that empower allies with either more damage or higher defense.

He also has some of the strongest “stamina destruction” moves, which are a special category of maneuvers that drain an enemy’s hidden reserve of stamina. When they’re drained of this resource they become vulnerable to execution attacks.

These are special high-damage attacks that result in instant death for almost all enemies which can only be performed when an enemy is made vulnerable from exhaustion. And each of the different characters gains a buff depending on how many executions they perform, so you’ll have to play a while to figure out who should be executing whom in combat.


All in all, the system looks quite complex, and we’re excited–the 22nd isn’t that far away now, so strap in.

And happy adventuring!

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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