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D&D: Harbingers Of The Yawning Void Adds New Cosmic Horror Spells To 5E

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May 02

Kobold Press’ Demon Cults and Secret Societies are a gift that keeps on giving–want to add some cosmic void to your campaign? Try these.

Kobold Press, purveyors of many fine 5E products, including the Creature Codex and the Tome of Deep Magic, both of which are my go-to resources whenever I’m planning my next campaign, do some amazing work. And one of the things they’ve been doing routinely is providing some expansion on their worlds–most recently it’s been a cycle of a cult called the Harbingers of the Yawning Void.

These are cultists who desire the unmaking of all things, and watch the world cast into nonexistence. This is a nihilistic secret society that seeks power in the darkness that lies beyond the stars, from a place of utter void.

In other words, they’re perfect antagonists in one of your RPG campaigns. You can find the whole backlog of articles that introduce the faction here:

Harbingers of the Yawning Void

But today we’re talking about their dark magics and fell relics. After all when you “court the dark things that lurk in the Void, learning their speech and using it to create foul and destructive magics,” you’re bound to discover some power that’s probably best left undiscovered but, now that you have it you may as well wreak untold destruction on your foes. Which you can do with new cult spells listed here.

As you might expect, many of these spells have to do with dissolution, destruction, and in general the unmaking of all things. One such spell is the Litany of Destruction which is a powerful 7th level spell that will give any party cause to worry:

You chant in Void Speech, the terrible power of the words doing damage to everyone and everything around you. All creatures (and unattended objects) within 40 feet of you take 16 (3d10) points of necrotic damage and are incapacitated for 1 round. Creatures can make a Charisma saving throw against the spell. On a successful save, they take half damage and are not incapacitated. As long as you concentrate on the spell, you spend your action on your turn to maintain the litany, doing damage to all targets in range every round you maintain concentration.


Love to incapacitate your foes as well as damaging them. The damage is incidental–odds are good you don’t care about the damage, but being incapacitated is one of the most vulnerable places you can be. That spell, though horrific is sure to make your party’s Paladin happy.

Let’s look at one of the magic items too.

The Ravager’s Axe is a magical greataxe, which is rare enough on its own. It does +1 to attack and damage, and on a critical hit, it briefly becomes a rift to the Void and does 1d10 extra cold and 1d10 extra necrotic damage. And it always crits against objects. It’s pretty great.

These are just some of the additions you’ll find in the article, and Kobold Press is definitely worth checking out if you want to add some more flavor to your games of 5E.

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