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Games Workshop Rumor Engine: ‘Visions of Beasts’ – Get Your Hooks In

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May 19 2021

Games Workshop’s Rumor Engine is working overtime. We’ve got a surprise with another Visions of Beasts preview.

Well this is going to be fun! We’ve got another Rumor Engine from GW and yet another look at something coming from the future. Once again, this Rumor Engine is toying with the narrative that was setup yesterday. Lord-Ordinator Verrinus Longsight has “pressed the red button” and the strange machine has produced a new image.

Let’s take a look for ourselves!

via Warhammer Community

Alright, well there we go! Either someone is working on a Captain Hook cosplay for a Peter Pan convention or we’ve got a new model with a hook for hand! There’s really not much to go on with this one unfortunately. What we do know is that this is most certainly related to Age of Sigmar (and also the fact that we’ve got about 10 days before some big is revealed).

We also got this tidbit from the narrative section of this reveal:

“Once again, the strange engine spat forth a great gout of smoke. Prior to dissipating, however, the cloud condensed before my eyes and formed the symbol of Ghur, the Realm of Beasts. As before, I found this Celestium stone upon the floor after the cloud had dispersed.”

Being that this whole series is being called “Visions of Beasts” it tracks that this probably has something to do with Destruction as well. Orruks, Ogor, or Git – you make the call.



I’m hoping it’s something cool for Ogors!

If you’ve got any ideas we want to see them in the comments section. This really could be just about anything so let us know your crazy theories below.


Pirate Ogors from the sea! They use cannons and having a Ogor Captain with a Hook-hand would fit right in. Just sayin’!


Author: Adam Harrison
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