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MTG: Counterspell Is Back For The Summer Of Legend

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May 9 2021

Is there anything better than paying two blue mana to counter target spell? A classic returns to Modern this summer. Two islands have never been better.

It’s time to understand why having two untapped islands is a terror–Counterspell is coming back to Modern with a new reprint this summer. That’s right, the iconic spell, which was first released in 1993 as part of Alpha is finally joining the ranks of Modern this summer with the release of Modern Horizons 2. And it has two beautiful new prints that show off the sheer power of saying “no.”

And it comes in two flavors, original, above, and borderless.

Of course that’s not all you can get your hands on right now. A few other classic cards are coming your way with the return of enemy fetch lands with some bold new extended-art variants:

What about a powerhouse card from Conspiracy?


Sanctum Prelate returns as well–in addition to Counterspell and Sanctum Prelate you can expect 40 more “new-to-Modern” reprints coming with Modern Horizons 2, for a total of 42 new reprints.

But reprints aren’t the only things coming in Modern Horizons 2. Take a look at the Saga of Urza:

And likewise this comes in two different versions–if you prefer a more “sketchbook style” there’s an Urza’s saga for you too.

All this coming in Modern Horizons 2.


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