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MTG: Modern Horizon Spoilers – Green And Blue And White

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May 31 2021

We’re green (and blue and white) with envy over the latest batch of Modern Horizons spoilers, which showcase the incredible power of nature.

More Modern Horizons 2 to cap off your weekend. It’s only natural that we’d be getting to green, and right now there’s a lot to love about green. If you like ramp, if you like borderless art, if you like alternate art, there’s a lot to love about it. Get your fixing ready.

First up, our cascading Shardless Agent, featured here in French. She comes in two variesties, regular and a fancy borderless art:

And she’ll always come with friends if you’re playing your deck right.

Then there’s Mirari’s wake, which makes it absolutely worth it to splash white to give yourself incredible ramping and a boost to all of your creatures as well. If you want to step on the gas, this is the pedal.


Then we’ve got Skyblade’s Boon, as long as we’re splashing white. Take one of your favorite critters and turn them into a +1/+1 flying creature that will continually sore over the battlefield and you can change who carries the Skyblade if you need to.

Going back to green and blue though, we’ve got Lonis, Cryptozoologist, the Snake Elf Scout who gets clues the more you summon, and the more you summon, the bigger your potential target gets, which makes for a delicious turnabout, if you can manage it just right.

The borderless art in this set is fantastic though, take a look at Gaea’s Will and Chatterfang in glorious full color:

Now let’s take a look at one of my favorite variants in this set, the ‘sketch’ version:


Here’s Jade Avenger, a Frog Samurai but presented as the concept art version–but what I love best about these is the art direction notes that you get to see as a part of it. This one in particular is great:

Action: Show a frog samurai who is a master swordsman. Skilled and agile, he stands about four feet tall and wields a daisho (see ref).

It doesn’t get better than that. Let’s take a look at another variant set, here’s Ignoble Hierarch in its final form:

And now let’s take a look at the sketch variant.

All of these will be coming soon in Modern Horizons 2.


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