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Warhammer 40K: Adeptus Mechanicus Releases Unboxed

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May 26 2021

A new Combat Patrol, Codex, and Character? It’s time to take a quick look at the Ad Mech Releases!

The Adeptus Mechanicus might be a super complicated army. But at least their releases are straight forward!

A New Character Approaches

The Skitarii Marshal is coming to stores very soon. This weekend in fact! And he’s a welcomed addition to the Ad Mech line-up. Taking on a similar role as a Lieutenant, the Marshal is a nice support/buff character to have around. His main job is to help your units do their jobs better (as long as their job is killing stuff). It’s neat model as well. Not super complicated but looks good and different than your other character options also.

Send In The Combat Patrol

This new box is a solid offering as well. We did a pricing breakdown for this box if you were wondering about how cost-effective it is. Not only is it a fantastic value, it’s also packing some pretty useful Ad Mech Units, too. This Combat Patrol box is good enough to warrant snagging two boxes if you’re looking to dive into an Ad Mech army cybernetic feet first.

Now, none of the units in the box are actually new so we didn’t spend a ton of time checking out the sprues. But they are the full sets you’d find if you bought the kits individually. So if you want some (or all) of these units, this is the best way to collect them.

 A New Codex


You’ve probably seen some of our other author’s takes on the Adeptus Mechanicus Army’s play style. Abe thinks it’s complicated. Thomas agrees. I think the codex looks a lot like the other 9th edition books out there. It’s updated with the new formatting. It’s also got everything you’d expect from a new style codex. It’s a must buy for any Ad Mech player out there and you can also use the code in the back to add it to your Warhammer App.

These releases aren’t exactly earth shattering revelations for the Ad Mech. They are welcomed for their players. Getting a new character and a codex with all your rules in one place is refreshing! Plus, all those units that were released have a new home and it’s with all the other Ad Mech stuff now. If nothing else, this is a nice convenient change of pace for the Scions of the Omnissiah.

What do you think of the new Ad Mech releases? Let us know in the comments!


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