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Warhammer 40K BREAKING: Updated Ad-Mech Skorpius’ Confirmed

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May 17 2021

The Ad Mech Skorpius (both of them) are back with an updated set of rules for 9th edition. Take a look.

This image from a miniature assembly guide has been doing the rounds. It appears to be from a new repacked set of Adeptus Mechanicus Skorpius Dunerider & Disintegrator.  It is all over Reddit, and various forums.

Updated Skorpius Disintegrator & Dunerider

Some items from the updated statlines& weapons:

Skorpius Disintegrator

  • Statline unchanged
  • Belleros energy cannon changed from S6 to S5
  • Cognis heavy stubber changes from Heavy 3 to Assault 4

Skorpius Dunerider

  • Statline unchanged
  • Cognis heavy stubber changes from Heavy 3 to Assault 4
  • Twin Cognis heavy stubber changes from Heavy 6 to Assault 8


Not too many changes here. The Cognis stubbers we have seen before, and the change from Heavy to Assault alongside more shots fits in with the increased lethality that is spreading across 9th Edition just about everywhere.

Unchanged statlines mean GW was satisfied with the performance and durability of the Skorpius family.

Apparently, the Belleros energy cannon was too potent at S6 and indirect fire. We will have to wait for the full codex this weekend to see if that indirect fire is still there.


All hail the Omnissiah!

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