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Warhammer Fest 2021: 40K Reveal – War Zone Charadon II Book of Fire

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May 04

The Death Guard are back and Be’lakor is coming to support. Here we go! Book of Fire is coming.

We had a feeling that the Book of Rust was just the beginning. War Zone Charadon is getting in to some hot water…or rather it’s being set on fire with Book II: Book of Fire!

Now, not only are we going to see more warriors for chaos, we’re also getting a few more reinforcements…

YEP! Be’lakor is coming with an whole army type – army of Shadows. You’ll be able to mix and match your chaos marines and chaos daemons, too!

Also, this book will have all the updated rules for Be’lakor for all you chaos players out there. So it’s a lot of good stuff for Chaos.


So yes, the Sisters are coming to Charadon. Will that be enough? We’ll have to wait to find out!

Warhammer Fest 2021 is live! Stay Tuned for more…

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