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Warhammer Fest 2021: Here Come The Sisters of Battle – New Codex And More Revealed

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May 4 2021
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The Sisters of Battle are getting a new codex and new models! Check out what’s coming soon.

In a shocking surprise to everyone (who hasn’t been paying attention) the Sisters of Battle are about due for a new codex. And to go along with that they are also getting a host of new models. Let’s dive right in!

Codex Confirmed

There she is! The new codex is here and it’s featuring a new unit on the cover (more on that below). This new codex will bring the Sisters up to date with all the current trends in 40k codexes including a ton of tweaks and changes, reworks, points and stats, and of course new rules. Specifically called out were the new Crusade rules, stratagems, and new unit rules. New units like…

Morvenn Vahl




She’s rocking a golden Paragon Warsuit and is no slouch! As a High Lord of Terra, she has chosen to go into battle and on crusade. Furthermore, she’s been compared to a Guilliman-level of support for the Sisters. Vahl will also be able to go toe-to-toe with Daemon Princes and the like out there so we’re VERY curious about her skill set.

Celestian Sacresants


We got a previous look at these miniatures and they had Halberds. Now we can see they are coming with loads of other options and were called out as being a bodyguard unit. We’re also getting a ton of support characters for the Sisters as well. Some we’ve seen already like the Palantine and Dogmata.




We’ve also seen some of the new harder hitting units coming like the Paragon Warsuits and the new Castigator Tank.


But one new pair of models that were also shown off were Aestred Thurga and Agathae Dolan.

It’s an exciting time to see all the cool new stuff coming for the Adepta Sororitas. What are you looking forward to?


A New Sisters Codex!? You know what that means…

Author: Adam Harrison
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