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Warhammer Next Week: Pre-Orders Are Back With Necromunda Hive War, Blood Bowl, And Orruk Direchasm Band

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May 02

Nature is healing. Games Workshop pre-orders are returning to the wild–here’s a look at what you can pre-order next weekend.

Things seem to  be getting back to normal back at the ol’ Warhammer factory, as GW prepares for a smashing return to pre-order form next week. So if you were sad that you couldn’t pre-order your favorite minis or boxed sets, you’ll soon have the opportunity to do so again. With new models though, not Cursed City as far as we know, but there are still copies of that out in the wild, so good luck if you’re looking.

Next week’s triumphant return to form is a specialist games spectacular, featuring the likes of Necromunda Underhive, Blood Bowl, and Warhammer Underworlds: Direchasm. Let’s take a look at everything coming out soon.

First up, Necromunda’s new starter set: Necromunda Hive War, which pits the forces of House Delaque and House Escher against one another in a classic match of beauty vs. the beast–which is which should be pretty obvious to you by now.

In the set you get 10 plastic miniatures from each gang, enough dice to be a serious choking hazard if you put them all in your mouth until your cheeks got puffed out, but would still be satisfying if you managed to avoid chocking and spit them out one at a time, and a 104-page softback rulebook, as well as 11 Zone Mortalis columns & walls, 25 barricades & objectives, 44 game cards, blast and flame templates, and enough tokens to indicate everything you’d need to indicate.

You’ll also get some sweet decals that range from important safety designations to ganger graffiti to plaster up all over the walls.

House Escher and Goliath players can also get your hands on weapon & upgrade sets which has a suite of 60 different alternative components and heads to outfit your gang for war. So there you go.

There’s also new Blood Bowl this weekend.


Everyone can grit their teeth and play on a Chaos Chosen Pitch, home to none other than the Doom Lords. You can also get new Chaos Chosen cards to help you keep track of the big overhaul they’ve gone through for the Second Season.

But now let’s move to the Underworlds of the Mortal Realm, to look at a new band of feral Orruks coming to the DireChasm. Meet Hedkrakka’s Madmob:

This new warband stars four feral Orruks led by a crazed, mask-wearing Shaman. These fighters lean heavily on their aggressive nature, earning Primacy for krumpin’ their foes good an’ proper. Then again, they are Bonesplitterz, so what else would you expect? With names such as Toofdagga, Dakko Sharp-Stikka, Wallop da Skull, and Hedkrakka, the Gob of Gork, they’re certainly an entertaining warband to use, though don’t underestimate their capacity for brutal violence when it comes to getting stuck in.

And if you’d like to expand your games even more, you can get a new Universal Deck, with the Silent Menace expansion containing 32 cards, 12 objectives, 10 gambits, and 10 upgrades.


All this, next week!

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