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Warhammer Next Week – Vampires Are Back With A Vengeance

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May 9 2021

Don’t call it a comeback, because Vampires have been here for years–they are getting a ton of new stuff next week though.

The vampiric lords of Shyish are thundering out into the Mortal Realms next week with a massive release for the Soulblight Gravelords. With a ton of new models and a gothically monstrous new queen known as the Mother of Nightmares as well as a brand new battletome that many players have long been awaiting, it’s time at last. The Soulblight are here, and they’re out for blood.

These new vampires look better than ever. You’ve already seen glimpses of the new book and some of the new models, and next weekend you’ll have a ton to pre-order. The Battletome will contain all the rules you need to put together an army of vampires and their minions and lead the forces of Death to victory (which they need after the events of Broken Realms: Teclis).

But it’s not just the new battletome this week. Soulblight players will be able to pick up Deathrattle Skeletons and Deadwalker Zombies in two new kits, each packed with 20 models and a horde’s worth of customization options.

But if you want more than rank and file troops, you’ve got more monstrous forces at your disposal. There are new Fell Bats, ready to swoop from the sky with deadly claws and fangs.


Or the iconic Blood Knights who will absolutely destroy everything they come into contact with.

But let’s talk about the new vampire lords–after all Age of Sigmar is a game full of heroes, and the new models coming out look amazing.

Look at the details here, the bats carrying off the flowing hair, you can tell she’s ready to wreck shop on the tabletop. But if you really want to see something incredible, check out the new Lauka Vai, Mother of Nightmares.

Once a monster-hunting knight with principles even her enemies could respect, a fateful encounter with the magics of Tzeentch saw her transformed into a raging beast ever at odds with her disciplined nature. Now regarded as the queen of the Avengorii Dynasty, Vai leads her cursed kin into battle with the skill of a warrior and the strength of a monster.


Kinda looks like someone got fused centaur-style with a royal terrorgheist, to me.

Of course you get all the other stuff that comes with a new battletome release: warscroll cards, vampire-themed dice, the whole nine yards.

All this, next week!

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