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Age of Sigmar: Da Swampy Boyz iz ‘Ere! Dominion Kruleboyz Review

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Jun 16 2021

By da prickin’ of me fumbs, sumfin’ Orky dis way comez… Check out Dominion’s Kruleboyz.

Dominion is gearing up for preorder this weekend, and thanks to the recently implemented queue system on the GW website, you might actually get one if you want one. Alongside the new Chamber of Stormcast and their angelic leader in the box is a brand new, less krumpy, more finkin breed of Orruks called the Kruleboyz. Having predicted the coming of Kragnos for years, these swamp Orruks now follow in his wake, using their cunning and guile more than their strength to overcome the enemies of Destruction (which is basically everyone). Here’s a quick rundown of the units you’ll get with Dominion, and what role they’ll fill on the battlefield.

Killaboss on Great Gnashtoof

Your requisite big guy and the leader of the Kruleboyz in the set. He has a ton of attacks, 8 in total that hit and wound on a 3+ and deal 2 damage each, a hefty 10 wounds and 3+ save, and the ability to dampen the number of models that flee from combat nearby. He also gets to add 1 to his hit rolls when he charges, thanks to his ferocious mount, so he’ll be a great choice for shock cavalry and taking out enemy war machines.

Once more Kruleboyz come out, I expect we’ll see more Gnashtoof riders to charge beside him, but for now, he fits the assassin role very well.


The on-foot version of the above lord and your most likely choice for leading your hordes into battle. He can either be equipped with a flail for extra attacks or a shield to give him a little more survivability. For my money, I would go with the shield since you’ll want him around to keep your boyz from running too far, as he shares the ability to dampen their Battleshock casualties. He is also accompanied by a grot that can intercept incoming wounds, possibly negating them all together.

This will be the guy that marches alongside your troops and keeps them in the fight, and he can dish out plenty of pain on his own.

Swampcalla Shaman

Your wizard, and a good one at that, but also a source of potent balms and toxins. His signature spell can get your units to the line faster, or he can give up his casting to either buff their mortal wound output or heal them.

He will probably be a midline caster moving up behind your mainline or staying near your archers to maximize the damage of their massive crossbows.

Murknob with Belcha-banna

A totem, in the style of old school Battle Standard Bearers, and with the new totem rules a powerful command ability farm. Now that totems have an increased command range, keeping him in range for abilities won’t be much of an issue, and Kruleboyz Orruk units wholly within 12″ of him can ignore spells on a 5+. In addition, his poisonous banner can throw mortal wounds on enemies within 3″, so you’ll want him where the fighting is thick.


Keep him near your Killaboss and the rest of your boyz for maximum carnage.


These are your primary fighting unit and will likely form the main bulk of Kruleboyz armies once the full book is out. They have a decent profile with 2 wounds and a 5+ save, and their spears hit and wound on a 4+ for a single damage. However, what makes them unique is the frightening shields they carry with them, which allow you to roll 2d6 for a non-Hero, non-Monster unit within 12″ at the beginning of the charge phase, adding 1 for every 5 models in the unit. If you beat your enemy’s Bravery, they suffer -1 to hit in the following combat phase, possibly blunting a very frightening charge.

While they might not seem like much on paper, combined with the Kruleboyz ability to dish out mortal wounds on an unmodified 6, they can become dangerous fast.

Man-Skewer Boltboyz

Your ranged infantry and one of my favorite units in the whole box. They have two shooting profiles, a double shot with a shorter range that hits on 4+ or a long-range single-shot with surprising accuracy for an Orruk hitting on a 2+, both of which wound on a 3+ and deal 2 damage. Considering that means 2 mortal wounds on a 6, this unit will be incredible at taking out small, tough units at range and should be employed to do just that. My only complaint is that their unit size is so small since the new reinforcement rules won’t allow them many additions.

Try to keep them out of combat and throw as many bolts downrange as possible.

Hobgrot Slittaz

The new goblins, and an homage to old school Hobgoblins, even down to their pointed helmets and armor. Since they aren’t Orruks, they don’t get access to the Mortal Wounds, but they score an additional hit on 6s, so it balances out a little. They also carry short-range grenades that do a respectable amount of damage, and their musicians allow them to run and shoot, potentially baiting slower enemies around or allowing them to pick up a beleaguered unit.

They serve well as screens for your Boltboyz or flank attackers, and since you get 20 of them, you’ll have no shortage of chafe bodies to gum up your enemy.




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Author: Clint Lienau
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