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Age of Sigmar: Dominion Pre-Ordering Changes From Games Workshop

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Jun 18 2021

Games Workshop is expecting a crowd on the webstore this Saturday for the Dominion Pre-Orders. Get ready for some changes ahead.

The Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Launch Box Dominion will be up for pre-order this Saturday and, as this is a special limited launch box, GW is prepping for a lot of online shoppers. With that in mind they are making some tweaks and changes to their typical Saturday pre-orders. They have some good tips for how best to plan for your shopping trip so let’s go over them.


Launch Time

via Warhammer Community

“As with the new Warhammer pre-orders that are available almost every week, the exact time you can pre-order Dominion depends on where you are in the world.”

This one is pretty important. No matter where you are in the world when you can actually place an order is basically time gated. This has been a standard practice from Games Workshop for years so it’s not exactly a secret – but this might be the first time GW has actually published these times officially. Either way, check your local time and set an alarm if you want to get on the website and order.

There Will Be A Queue

This is a new feature for the webstore and something that popped-up as a test run last weekend. Basically, when you hop on the site you’ll have to wait in a queue for a bit.


“As with any queue, the length of time you have to wait will depend on how many people are trying to access the site. You needn’t stare at your screen the entire time, though – the queue page will give you an estimate of how long your wait will be.”

Limits On Time & Sets

Once you’re actually in and shopping online, you’ll have 10 minutes to click around and get all the thing you want to order. That process should be the same the is one catch however for the Dominion Box:

“To make sure everyone has a chance to snag a copy of Dominion, you’ll be limited to two copies per order. “

Hopefully that limit does allow for everyone who wants a copy to actually get a copy. We’ll have to wait and see how that pans out. The last thing to note is about shipping:

“One final note – global shipping has had a bumpy time of late, and while there might be some delays, rest assured that your copy of Dominion will be winging its way to you as fast possible.”

So yeah…Shipping might be a little wonky but if you get your order placed your copy of Dominion should be on the way. Good luck…



Set an alarm, get in the queue, and be ready to check out quickly!

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