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Age of Sigmar: Dominion – Unboxing The Launch Box

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Jun 14 2021

We got our hands on the new Dominion Launch Box from Games Workshop and it’s as jam-packed as you’d expect!

Team lift alert. You’re going to want to friend to pop this box with. The new Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Dominion Launch box is hefty, meaty, and packed full of plastic:

Dominion Is Coming

You’ve probably seen all the goodies at this point. In terms of boxed sets, it’s down right awesome. You get two playable forces right out of the box for both the new Stormcast Eternals models and the new Kruleboyz. It’s a great set of miniatures however you slice this one up. One thing to note is that no matter which forces you want, they are all designed to be push-fit miniatures. We still recommend using glue and some good hobby snips to assemble these models.


The Kruleboyz

While all of the models in the box set are brand new, the Kruleboyz are the “new” army on the block. They have a slimmer physique compared to the Ironjaws and they wear less armor as well. It’s also been noted multiple times how much they resemble the Orcs from Lord of the Rings vs the Orruks or even the Orcs from Warhammer Fantasy. They even have smaller tusks (or I guess in the case of Orruks, it’s still Teef, right?)


Personally, I really like the change and the models are unique and characterful compared to the other Orruks/Orks out there from GW. I like the change and I really want to see more Kruleboy units in the future (and we also know more are coming after the Dominion Box).

Stormcast Eternals

Speaking of sleeker and less armor the new Stormcast Models are rocking a new look as well. While they are still heavily armored compared to other armies in the game, they look lighter than their previous incarnations. Except for the Annihilators but we’ll talk about them some other time. You also get three different heroes for the Stormcast in the box and the are all really great models.

Everything Else

On top of all the great models, you also get a limited edition Core Rule book. Functionally, it’s the same book as the main BRB, but it’s just got a different/fancy cover. The book itself is 360 pages, hard back, and has the new 44 pages of core rules to tackle. It’s also got all the rules for Open, Narrative, and Matched play. And Lore. SO MUCH LORE. What it doesn’t have is points. So if you were wanting to point out a Core Battalion, sorry – there are no Points it the BRB to reference.

There are also warscroll cards for all the units included in the box and there is one extra card per faction that includes points AND their allegiance abilities so you can play with them as soon as you get them assembled. There Campaign booklet is also a great primer for getting into the game for new players – or getting a veteran player caught up. What’s not in the box are dice or a range finder. But at this point, I’m perfectly fine with that! I’ve got about a dozen and plenty of dice to use anyhow.


Overall, Dominion is a great Launch box for the new Edition of Age of Sigmar. If you want to get yourself a copy, Pre-order are going up this weekend, but you may also want to contact your FLGS and see if they have a list you can get in on early. We’ve heard rumors that GW isn’t planning on doing another ‘made to order’ run for this product so this might be your only chance to snag it for now!


Age of Sigmar: Dominion – A new era is here!

Promotional product provided by Games Workshop, LLC

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