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Age of Sigmar: Five Faction Terrain Kits That Are Totally Getting Smashed In 3.0

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Jun 30 2021

Age of Sigmar 3.0 presents us with a new opportunity – Monsters can smash terrain! And these are the kits I can’t wait to destroy.

In case you are unfamiliar, Monsters have a fancy new chart for AoS 3.0. And in that chart we have the option to ‘Smash To Rubble’ faction terrain features:

The key thing to remember about the new ‘Smash To Rubble’ ability is that it only works on faction terrain features or defensible terrain features – so if a piece of terrain doesn’t have those things, you can’t smash it (sorry). A Demolished terrain feature cannot be garrisoned but the terrain feature is also not removed from the table:

In essence, it kicks out any models that might have been inside the terrain feature and then “blanks” out their warscroll so they can no longer use any abilities associate with it. Having said all that, I can’t wait to ‘Smash’ a these five faction terrain features to rubble (on the tabletop).

Blades of Khorne – Skull Altar

I am SO ready to take out this faction terrain. I don’t know how many times some priest of Khrone hopped up in one and just Blood Boiled models away from it. Well, it’s payback time priesty! You’re going to get the boot once a Monster gets within range…

Ossiarch Bonereapers – Bone Tithe Nexus


Even though I play the OBR, I’m looking forward to “Smashing” this terrain feature. I think it’s going to make a wonderful distraction I think it’s will be fun to pay it back for all those times I needed it to do a single mortal wound and I flubbed the roll. It wasn’t my fault – it was clearly the Bone Tithe Nexus not doing its job!

Skaven – Gnawhole

Oh man, this is gonna be fun. One of those these little buggers would pop-up (typically) within my territory and the Skaven Players would just LOVE to use it to attempt to snag a backfield objective. Or at least to try and keep pressure on me to have a unit stay back in case of a Skaven invasion. But coming soon, I’ll just send a monster after it and smash it to bits before those pesky rat-men can use it!

Fyreslayers – Magmic Battleforge

The Fyreslayer’s Pizza Oven needs to GO! And by “needs to GO!” I mean that one of my monsters needs to smash it. Stopping that extra plus one to their prayer rolls is nice and preventing that once per game re-roll for armor saves of 1 is better. But mostly, I’m just upset that it never got my pizza order right.

Lumineth Realm-lords – Shrine Luminor

It’s almost a shame to smash such a pretty terrain feature. Then again, it stays on the board so it still leaves us with a feeling of Zen. However, it cuts down on those pesky Shrine Guardian shenanigans. There’s also the fact that you’ll get a shot to do a mortal wound to the garrisoned unit. More importantly, it cuts down on that pesky re-roll for the LRL Hero inside. The additional range is also a feature I won’t miss from the LRL!



There are so many more Terrain Features to smash in AoS 3.0. From the Realmshaper Engines of the Seraphon to the Awakened Wyldwoods of the Sylvaneth – which features are you looking forward to Smashing to Rubble!?

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