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Age of Sigmar: New Rules Are ‘Best Ruleset Ever’ Edition

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Jun 2 2021

Games Workshop is updating Age of Sigmar with a new edition and it looks like they are taking a page out of the 40k side of things. Formatting wise, at least.

Today, GW is teasing out the first look at the new Edition’s ruleset. We don’t get much but we do get a nice look at the new shooting section.

via Warhammer Community


Well this sure looks like a complete revamp (at least for the the style). Compare this to the current rules:

Again, this is just a slice of rules – but you can see from the formatting it’s taking some cues from the 40k side of things. They have sections specifically numbered out with annotations on the side. That should make for some easy referencing and these rules are pretty clear. It’s nice that they are even calling out other rule that may be referenced when this rule kicks in (in this case the rules for Look Out, Sir!). It’s a nice touch.

That said, while the wording is cleaner there was really only 1 change: Not all the models have to shoot. That’s about it.


We’re here for the changes…to our armor!

I’m looking forward to the overhaul and the new look. While I also appreciate the current concise 8 page ruleset of AoS, it will be nice to see some formatting changes as well as more specifics called out with the annotations on the side. The clearer the ruleset the less room there is for ambiguity (and thus less room for arguments to pop-up). Anything that helps to keep players playing and cuts down on rules debates is fine with me!

Games Workshop also put out a quick video talking about some of the other highlights and thoughts behind this edition:

“Heroes more heroic. Monsters more monstrous. And a new way to build your army.”

Sounds interesting! I’m also curious about those Matched play improvements. We got a tease about a few of those rules from the GW preview already. More Command Point interactions and more monsters doing monster things sounds intriguing. We’ll have to wait for more specifics as we get closer to the full release. Until then, we’ll all be waiting to see what changes are coming to Age of Sigmar 3.0!



What are you excited about seeing from the new edition of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar?

Author: Adam Harrison
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