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Age of Sigmar: Thanquol Is Going To Bring The Heat In 3.0

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Jun 29 2021

Skaven armies might have lost some of their numbers due to reinforcement limits, but Thanquol is making up the difference in Warpfire.

This is just a minor PSA/Warning for anyone who is thinking of playing with (or against) a Skaven army with Thanquol in it. The Grey Seer and his bodyguard are going to light up the new edition for a quite a few reason. So let’s cover the basics.

Thanquol on Boneripper

The Rules

Stat-wise, you can see for yourself, he’s already pretty beef. However, let’s skip all that for now and focus on those keywords at the bottom because he’s got the trifecta:

  • Monster
  • Hero
  • Wizard

What does that mean? Well, a couple of things. He’s going to get Spells and do all the things Wizards do (like use the new Mystic Shield/Arcane Bolt) on top of whatever else you want him to do.

He’s a Monster. That means he’s got access to all the new monster abilities:


He’s also a Hero and thus gets access to THOSE abilities – like Their Finest Hour:

Heroic Recover ain’t too bad, either! And while you won’t be able to get more than a +1 (total) to your armor save, if you do stack a few +1s to your roll, you can counter some serious rend. In anycase, he’s already looking ridiculous. But there is one more *tiny* thing to consider.

So those options are pretty fun, right? Any combination of Warpfire Braziers and/or Warpfire Projectors. Which option should you go with? Uh…the answer is 4 Warpfire Projectors. Everytime.

That’s going to be 4 shots per enemy model in the target unit within 8″. Each 4+ is mortal wound. AND don’t forget to use Unleash Hell when they charge you…


Let’s do some quick math. Let’s pretend a unit of 10 Stormcast Eternal Liberators charged you and they all managed to get with 8″ of you after their charge move. So…that’s 40 dice of shots that hit with a -1…only you don’t roll to hit. It’s just a flat 40 dice. And each 4+ is a mortal wound so 1/2 of those cause a mortal. That’s an average of 20 wounds. How many wounds do Liberators have again? Oh 2 wounds each? So….they charged you and are immediately dead.

Alright, let’s pretend they managed to only get say…5 in range as they wanted to avoid getting burnt to a crisp. That’s still going to work out to…10 mortal wounds on average. That’s 1/2 the squad and even if they survive and Thanquol whiffs on the attacks back, during the shooting phase, guess who’s getting burnt again.

Look, we’re not saying it’s busted or even an auto include in a Skaven list. We’re just saying to keep these things in mind BEFORE you charge a Thanquol. Consider yourself warned. Hope you brought some shooting to deal with Grey Seer Thanquol. And the rest of the Skaven…


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