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Forge World: Horus Heresy Traitor Legion Preview – ‘Argel Tal’ Gets A New Model

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Jun 11 2021

Check out the stunning new model for one of the infamous Heresy Era Word Bearers. It’s Argel Tal in all his daemonicly bonded glory!

Forge World is back and they have done it yet again with another fantastic character from the Horus Heresy. This time they are tackling one of the members of the Traitor Legions with Word Bearer Argel Tal. Get ready for one serious case of warp daemon influence.

via Warhammer Community

“Argel Tal was one of the Word Bearers Legionaries who went on a pilgrimage into the Eye of Terror. Like anyone who goes abroad on holiday, he refused to shut up about how much the trip had changed him when he got home. Unlike people who spend a week learning to cook Italian food, Argel Tal had been bonded with a daemon while travelling the immaterium.”

That is quite the new look! You can see the proto-typical natures of Argel Tal compared to the current Possessed models for Chaos Marines in 40k:

Somehow he manages to look bigger, badder, and a lot cooler all at the same time! That paint job is also doing some work to make that model look as cool as it does. It’s impressive. Anyhow, Argel Tal is a perfect fit in any Word Bearer’s army from the Horus Heresy era. Alternatively, if you wanted to use him in modern 40k, you’d have one really cool Possessed or Greater Possessed option. Perhaps even a Daemon Prince on an appropriately upsized and dramatic base.

Argel Tal will be up for pre-order from Forge World soon. So get your Word Bearers ready and launch a Traitor Crusade of your own!


What do you think of Argel Tal’s new model? Let us know in the Comments!

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