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MTG: Leggo My Eggo There’s A Stranger Things Secret Lair Coming

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Jun 9 2021

A new Secret Lair drop has been unveiled, and this time things are going to be stranger because it’s a Stranger Things themed set.

There’s a certain irony to Magic: the Gathering turning to Stranger Things, mostly stemming from the fact that Magic: the Gathering saved D&D, and Stranger Things also saved D&D and now the two great tastes are going to taste great together. At least that’s the news according to the latest announcement from WotC. Let’s have a look.

via Wizards of the Coast


The new Stranger Things Secret Lair drop is the first in the much hullabalooed Universe Beyond series, which crosses Magic: the Gathering with all manner of famous universes. As they talked about in Monday’s update:

Our goal with new Universes Beyond card designs that release through Secret Lair is to create fun and collectable expressions of your favorite characters from other, well, universes. The goal is not, however, to hold back mechanical expressions and game pieces from players who don’t purchase through our direct-to-consumer channel.

We believe the intersection of beloved worlds and characters and Magic‘s game system brings happiness to players and collectors alike, and we’re excited to bring you more ways to enjoy these cards the way you want to enjoy them.

And as part of this, once they release the Secret Lair, about six months later they’ll release “in-Magic” versions of the cards that bring the same rules/texts of say, a Stranger Things card but make it with Llanowar Elves instead of being like Llanowar Elevens. This way you can either decide that you want to use Eleven or, let’s be real, Steve and Robin.


Or you can take the coward’s route out and use the more generic boring Magic the Gathering fantasy nonsense version of Steve and/or Robin who’ll probably have a comma in their name. And everyone will judge you harshly for using them, but you can somehow pretend that you’re a more pure Magic player who takes things seriously.

Or, y’know, if you don’t have the money to drop on an expensive Secret Lair drop (and the way capitalism is going, none of us will in the next decade or two), then you can have a chance to grab it like the rest of us commoners when it eventually cycles into Magic proper. They’re not going back and doing this, so your Walking Dead cards are still OP and still Walking Dead only.

But here’s a look at Stranger Things:

What do you think of the new set?

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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