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Team Liquid Is Playing A Special D&D Heist Tonight

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Jun 25 2021

As part of Team Liquid’s Pridefest ’21, the premier esports team will be dabbling in a bit of Dungeons & Dragons for a special heist.

It’s going down tonight as Team Liquid runs a special D&D stream for their Pride charity event. If you are somehow unaware of who Team Liquid is, they’re one of the largest esports brands in the West, with top-tier players competing in a variety of games, from Starcraft 2 to League of Legends, Dota 2, and even Fortnite.

Now, as part of their Pridefest 2021, they’re going to be playing one of the least video games out there, Dungeons & Dragons, as part of a “Special Heist Stream” according to a post made earlier this week. There are a few familiar faces on the stream, including the DM, it’s sure to be a good time. Let’s take a look.

And heading up the stream as DM is Gabe Hicks, whose work you might be familiar with from the Class Modifier Module for D&D, or who appears on a number of streams, including Shikar, the best currently ongoing D&D stream this side of Thursday.

With a cast and crew and many, many opportunities to donate on behalf of LGBTQ+ organizations, it’s sure to be a heartfelt event. Come for the steampunk, stay for the stealing, donate for the cause.

Happy Adventuring!

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