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The Old World: Real World Provinces of the Empire – PRIME

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Jun 30 2021

The Empire of The Old World is a wide and varied place...though strikingly familiar.

The Empire is the largest faction of the Old World, with tendrils reaching to every landmass and colonies in almost every major kingdom. Under the tutelage of the various Emperors and the various Elector Counts, the major provinces of the Empire have survived Skaven plagues, Undead hordes, and invasions of Chaos, Orks, and other unsavory characters. In fact, it took the breaking of the world to finally bring the Empire down for good, and even then, some of the greatest heroes endured through the Stormcast Eternals or the Cities of Sigmar.

Basing itself in the real world, the Empire is in name and function a mirror of the Holy Roman Empire, complete with the symbol of the eagle as the iconography. The Germanic naming conventions, the puffy and split-colored military uniforms, and even the style of warfare all harken back to the pre-Napoleonic kingdom of middle Europe. Also, like the Holy Roman Empire, the Empire of the Old World was a democratic Empire with lesser counts serving to maintain each province under the oversight of the Emperor. Some territories have relatively easy matches ...

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Author: Clint Lienau
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