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Warhammer 40K: More Be’lakor Rules Revealed

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Jun 29 2021

Games Workshop is back with another rules teaser for the Shadow Master Be’lakor and the Warhammer 40,000 universe won’t be the same after he arrives.

Be’lakor is getting a new batch of rules in War Zone Charadon Act II: The Book of Fire. Today, GW has provided some new rules previews for the first Daemon Prince. You might recall that we got a snippet of his rules way back in March. But now we’re getting a fuller picture of what sorts of tricks he’ll be playing on the battlefield.

via Warhammer Community

Still wielding the Blade of Shadows, he’ll be able to split armor in two with relative ease.

Keep in mind he’s got 6 attacks base. Combine that with his base strength of 8 and Piercing Strikes is going to be very effective at cutting down…pretty much anything. But we knew that already. What about some new tricks?

“With the ability to manifest two psychic powers each turn and access to the Noctic discipline that’s unique to Disciples of Be’lakor, you can turn the Dark Master into a mass mortal wound generator with Smite, Voidslivers, and Betraying Shades.”

Let’s break these two powers down really quick.


Voidslivers: Draw a line and cause some mortal wounds. It’s kind of like a Smite, but has some potential to damage more targets at a shorter range.

Betraying Shades:  Basically, the target unit hits itself. Pick up to 6 models, add their unmodified attacks characteristic together and roll a bunch of dice. Each 6+ is 1 mortal wound.

These powers are kind of weird but at least they are interesting. You gotta give credit to Be’lakor for at least bringing something fun to the Psychic Phase, right?

We also know when it comes to sticking around, he’s a tough cookie. Toughness 7, 16 wounds and some nasty tricks to avoid getting hit in the first place make Be’lakor a target that won’t die easy.

A 4+ Invulnerable save, a -1 to wound (from ranged attacks) AND he denies re-rolls vs attacks that target him as well as -1 to hit rolls! Good luck hitting him and making it stick.


And let’s just say a lucky melta or lascannon shot does go through. Worried about that big hit dropping him? Just use one of his new stratagems to avoid the damage altogether:

Sure it costs 2CP, but reducing the damage to ZERO is kind of a big deal.

Now I’m sure you canny readers out there caught that “Disciples of Be’lakor” keyword there. Well, he does have his own army now and that means he’s destined to lead, right? And that means Warlord Trait!

And what sort of leader doesn’t bring an inspiring aura with them to the battlefield? Certainly not Be’lakor:

Oh and about that Noctic Psychic Discipline, there’s yet another teaser of those powers:


This is all sounding pretty impressive! I can’t wait to get a Be’lakor on the tabletop now…just one catch:

Be’lakor, the Dark Master $140

Hope you’ve got yours already – we’re still waiting to get our hands on the Dark Master. Who knew trying to pin down the master of shadows would be so difficult.

Does this make him a Sell Out? Or just a Sold Out?


Be’lakor and his forces will get new rules soon!

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