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Warhammer 40K: New Ork Boyz Pic Spotted!

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Jun 11 2021

Get over here, the first pic of new Ork Boyz has arrived. They’ve been working out!

We’ve already gotten the teaser info from GW that new Orks and rules are on the way. The new Ork Boyz statlines and that major buff to T:5 were already revealed last week:



That’s on top of all the new Beast Snaggas we have been drooling over for over a month:

And that has got people starting to wonder… just how big is the Ork release going to be? Are we going to keep the same miniatures range and get just new units, or are we going to see something more substantial with updated existing kits, as the Necrons got? Well, the first image that may point us in the right direction has arrived.


This image is doing the rounds on various forums and Discords. B&C user Joe says:

“new Ork Boyz leaked from the Tanith box – courtesy of Discord. Opposite them is the Cadian squad with the new upgrades.”



For comparison, here is the current Ork Boyz kit:

Those new minis shown in the leak do not match any of the existing Boyz or Nobz. The new ones are hulking roided-out slabs of angry fungus coming to smash face. They look much more massive than the current ones.  We will have to wait to see if they are being identified correctly as a new Boyz kit, or if it’s something else. But I’m excited, and somewhere out there Gork and Mork are smiling! I can feel the Waaagh from here…



Author: Larry Vela
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