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Warhammer 40K: New Ork Psyker ‘Wurrboyz’ Coming To A Tabletop Near You

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Jun 28 2021

More animalistic than a Weirdboy – meet the new pskyer joining the new Orks!

There is a new pskyer in town and this ork is looking to turn some folks in to squigs! The new Wuzzboyz are ready to bring the pain in a whole other way.

via Warhammer Community

“Known as the Wurrboyz, these unsavoury characters channel Waaagh! energy in its most primal, animalistic form, unleashing roiling storms of psychic energy through their foes that leave them as little more than shrivelled husks, or worse… “

Now, if you’re not familiar with ork society, it might be easy to think that this is just another Weirdboy. But you’d be wrong. Those Ork pskyers are a treated more like a force of nature (or of the WAAAGH!!!). The Wurrboyz on the otherhand are treated more like pseudo-shamans within the Beast Snagga tribes.

“[Wurrboyz] are granted a level of respect far above that of a regular Ork psyker, seen as divine oracles rather than dangerous ticking time bombs like the Weirdboyz.”

So how does that translate to the tabletop? Well, it means a different set of skills in the Psychic Phase for one thing. You won’t be channelling feet of Gork or getting any random teleportation with theses pskyers. But you will be turning your enemies into Squigs:


This has some potential for sure – although there is a cap of 6 dice per unit. However, there is a chance that a bunch of squigs could go bounding through the rest of the enemies line and causing more mortal wounds. This is certainly a power worth looking at. And speaking of looking at things, the Wurrboyz are also packing some new eyepieces.

“Although the notion of exercising any kind of control over their powers is alien to the Orks, Wurrboyz do achieve some measure of focus through ocular devices known as the Eyez of Mork. While each is as unique as the deranged Mekboy mind that constructed it, these technological marvels all serve to amplify lances of psychic power through the caster’s eyes, turning their gaze into a weapon capable of piercing even power armour.”

Notice the range on this weapon is also 12″ – it seems like these Orks might be a little nearsighted. However, once you do get them within 12″ they are going to be sending squigs and eye-lasers into the enemy ranks!


The new ork codex and the Beast Snaggas are coming soon. Get ready for a bit more WAAAGH!!! in your life.


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