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Warhammer 40K: Sisters of Battle New Releases Unboxed

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Jun 12 2021

The Adepta Sororitas have hit the stores this weekend. Come take a look at exactly what’s in those boxes!

There’s a new High Lord of Terra on the prowl this week for the sisters. Plus, a bunch of reinforcements have arrived. Let’s get this Crusade started!

Morvenn Vahl


This kit is crazy good. If you’re looking for a character that’s going to be a great support and also be a threat in combat, Morvenn Vahl will fill that role. It’s a pretty impressive kit as well. I like all the extra details as it’s an even more impressive Paragon Warsuit. There’s lots of little details and the gunshield is just plain cool. I also like that her spear is massive. I could easily see that ripping through armor with ease. Morvenn Vahl is here to make a statement and this model will do just that on the tabletop.

Celestian Sacresants

There aren’t that many units in the sisters army that are really considered “front line tanks” other than, well, actual tanks. These new Sacresants aren’t just walking tanks in their own way, they are also great at keeping your characters alive. As a model kit, they have lots of great options and have a distinct look with their shields and close combat options. If you need a good line-holding unit or if you want to keep your characters up and supported, check these ladies out.

Paragon Warsuits

If you ever watched Aliens and thought “man, Ripley in the Exo Suit is awesome.” Well…here’s a gunned-up version for the sisters! Folks online have started calling them the “Nundam” Wing and….yeah, I can’t really disagree! They are also bigger than I thought – but not quite as big as the pictures made them look. They are about 1.8 times the height of a Primaris Space Marine and come up the top of the shoulder of a Redemptor Dreadnaught. So, again, big, but not HUGE. They are on a 50mm base if that helps.


Overall, I think this unit has some killer options. Ruleswise, they do need an FAQ pretty quick. And yes, there is clearly a typo in Codex: Adepta Sororitas that list them at 240 per model. That will probably be changed pretty quick. Assuming they are 80 per model or 240 for 3 total, they generate a lot of firepower and have some good close combat threats for the army, too. Running them alongside Morvenn Valh seems like a nice little 1-2 Punch.


All of these units (and the Codex) are out and available in stores now. So what are you picking up this weekend?


Author: Adam Harrison
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