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Warhammer 40K: ‘War Zone Charadon Act II – The Book of Fire’ Brings New Rules To The Tabletop

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Jun 28 2021
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Games Workshop is introducing the major players of “War Zone Charadon Act II – The Book of Fire” and hinting at new rules, too.

We’ve all been collectively waiting on more news from War Zone Charadon’s upcoming Act II and today GW delivered. We knew that this book would feature the continued campaign of terror from Typhus and that Be’lakor would be involved thanks to a fancy trailer. What we were unsure of was that other rule would be shown off – and who would benefit. Now we have a few more clues.

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Typhus and the Renegades

” War Zone Charadon Act I: The Book of Rust includes rules for using Typhus’ own assault force, while the new book features rules for seven other Traitor Legions and other Renegade Chapters.”

Looks like we’re about to get the Chaos Space Marine supplement/boost we’ve been waiting for. Rules for seven other legions/chapters of Chaos Marines is quite a bit. I wonder if these rules are going to help out a codex that has been trying to muscle it’s way through the new edition and having a rough go of it. Better start praying to the dark gods of chaos now…


Heptus Khleng and the Adeptus Mechanicus

“With War Zone Charadon: Act II – The Book of Fire, you can unleash the chosen warriors of Heptus Khleng in the form of the Skitarii Veteran Cohort, which makes both your Skitarii Rangers and your Skitarii Vanguard even better in battle.”

Hey now! a Cohort that improves the Skitarii? This could be fun. It’s always interesting when the “basic” troopers get a boost so we’ll have to wait to find out what sorts of upgrades the Skitarii Veteran Cohort provides. Keep a servo-skull’s eye trained on this one!

Morvenn Vahl and the Order of Our Martyred Lady

If you’re thinking, “hey, didn’t she just get some rules?!” Yes. But now the Adepta Sororitas are also getting some bonus goodies in the War Zone book, too.


“On the tabletop, you can support Morvenn Vahl with the Order of Our Martyred Lady – this most famous of the Orders Militant gets additional rules including new Warlord Traits, Relics, and Stratagems. “

Don’t they already have Order Specific Warlord Traits, Relics, and Stratagems? Well now they are getting even more! And these are new so if you’re already running an Order of Our Martyred Lady army, get ready for more toys to play with.

The Disciples of Be’lakor

Oh you didn’t think Be’lakor would get skipped on the rules, did you?

“The Dark Master is leading his own Army of Renown, the Disciples of Be’lakor. The force is made up of mortals and daemons, and it has access to a range of Stratagems and a unique psychic discipline, so it’s easy for your army to cause havoc across the Charadon sector.”

Hmm…a mixed force of mortals and daemons led by Be’lakor. I sure hope this means another wave of Be’lakor models gets sent out, too. Between the store allocations and spotty shipping issues lately, we’re still waiting to get our hands on this model. In anycase, we’re also curious what his new army will look like once it lands on the tabletop.

Pre-orders are coming soon…


Author: Adam Harrison
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