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Age of Sigmar: Check Out All The New Stormcast Eternals Heading Your Way

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Jul 8 2021
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The Stormcast Eternals are getting some post-Dominion love with a bunch of new models. Let’s take a look at just how much the range expanded for 3.0.

The Stormcast Eternals are about to get a new Battletome – which is perfect for them because of all the new units they are getting in Age of Sigmar 3.0. Today, we’re going to put all those golden eggs in one basket just to see ALL the new kits for the Stormcast Eternals in one basket.

Dominion Models

Naturally, we have to start off with all the models that arrived with the Dominion boxed set. If you’re looking to jumpstart a new SCE army, this is a great box to do just that. Plus we don’t know if or when some of these characters will be getting their solo releases…


The Stormcasts of Dominion



Lord-Imperatant w/Gryph-Hound





Knight-Vexillor with Banner of Apotheosis










Post-Dominion Stormcast

Lord-Commander Bastian Carthalos









Multi-part Plastic Annihilators


Additional Thoughts

Looking at all these new models, it’s quite the addition to the Stormcast Eternals line-up. With 11 new units total this new injection of Stormcasts is no small number. In an army that is already swimming in options, it’s going to be very interesting to see how the new units stack up against older options. It’s going to be interesting to see how Games Workshop balanced out all those different options and if they were able to create viable synergies without invalidating choices in list construction.

Personally, I’m starting to wonder if the Stormcast Eternals are going to run into the “Marine Problem” of having too many options. It’s a tall order to make new and interesting units for an existing army that is already so full of units. AND to make the new ones “good enough” to be worth taking and not so good that they are the only and obvious option which would invalidate all the previous options in the book.

And speaking of Battletomes – just a quick call out on how THICK these books are going to be. The Stormcast has the largest range in AoS by far so it’s not surprising that the book is going to be thick. However, when you put all the new Orruk models together in a single book, it’s also going to be pretty thick as well. It makes sense as the Orruk Warclans book is basically 3 armies in one book – or 4 if you count the mixed army option.


Are you looking forward to a new Stormcast Eternal Army? Which models are you favorite?

Author: Adam Harrison
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