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Goatboy’s Warhammer 40K: About That Ork Codex!

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Jul 28 2021

Goatboy here with my first thoughts on the new Ork codex. I’m green with envy.

Overall I am pretty stoked as it does a lot of things I want it to do – it hits hard, it plays fast, and it can still score points.  As I play more events and think about the things I messed up on – having more play in the mission aspects of the game will give me more options to – win the game. It is these small things that I feel like I miss at times in my drive to play armies the way I want to play.  Aggressive as hell.

Krumpin Time!

This book does that.  It does it in spades and still mixes in MSU to let me be all over, push the playfield, and then let my heroes smash it like the bosses they are.  With that – let me talk about the 5 things I like about the book.

Hero Hammer!

Hero hammer is back baby!  There are so many smashie heroes in this book.  From the giant new Dinosaur squigs, crazy Psyker War Pig Rigs, Mega Armor war bosses, Ghaz himself, and even steel-headed Squigs with Nobz on them.  There are so many things I can use to come at you and punch out your lights.  I love aggression in a game as it allows you to control the flow a little bit better and push for mistakes which you can capitalize on.  It also forces your opponent thinking quickly as your turns burn up what very little time they have as you move, engage, and crush.

Kinda Like Sisters

It feels like the Sisters book with interactions and setups that seem interesting, useful, and generates some thoughtful play beyond just going at your opponent like Vin Diesel trying to make another D&D movie.  The Strats seem useful and the aura interactions benefit those players that understand the playfield and ways to get the most out of your army.  I don’t think this book is on par with the sheer beat down of Ad Mech – but it fits in a nice place once that book gets wrangled down a bit.


Minis are SO Dreamy!

As a player that likes too paint and build this army looks like a dream to work on.  Tons of different textures on the models from macho muscles, crazy leather pieces, mechanical bits and pieces, and even just the sheer brutality of Horns/Teeth/Hooves.  I always loved painting up Orks and find the challenge of working on a whole new set crazy options.  I am excited to get to build and painting my Beast Snagga box and getting ahold of my Dinosquigs and making growling sounds as I slap the paint on.

It Feels Orky!

It feels like an Ork book.  I know a lot of what was good before got kicked down a notch but this book doesn’t feel like the static shoot fest that was the old book.  That army felt plodding and brutal as a slowly flowing avalanche of Green Flesh, Cheaty Mek Guns, and teleporting boyz bouncing thru the portal of Waagh Energy.  This book shifts that and brings the army into 9th edition that is full of movement, options, and brutality.


Multiple Ways to Play

It feels like the book has multiple avenues to build an army.  This is great as a lot of books come out and the “best-of” option is the only one you see.  This book gives you a ton of play with a lot of different things.  Do you want to play Orks Knights?  You got it with the Gorks, Morks, and Stompas.  Do you want to play a careening Mad Max army of buggies and death?  We got that too and expect to see a ton of them showing up at some point?  Do you just want to play Squigs and hero hammer?  Let’s make some dinosaur sounds together and stomp across the tabletop.

You are going to see some lists coming out from me in the following weeks.  I am kinda bummed it is going to take a bit to get the rest of the army I want to play so while I wait I will just have to fall back to playing some big smashy Daemon monsters to appease my appetite to live and die by the 2+ to hit.  As you can tell I am going to go hard in the paint on the Beast Snagga boyz as I put my 120 shoota boys aside and look to the future of bigger Orks and less disco bootie poses.


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